Introduction: God of War: City of Athens Hidden Chests

The makers of the videogame God of War went to extreme lengths to hide chests and power ups for Kratos to find throughout the game. To show all the hidden locations would take hours of time as you would need to follow an experienced player throughout the entire game. In this guide I will show you a good portion of the chests in the City of Athens as I consider it the highest density of hidden chests in the entire game. I have provided a few video segements for you to follow along as you play so that you don't have to pause your game to read a bunch of text. Enjoy!

Step 1:

Entering Athens

Step 2:

After defeating Medusa and claiming her power, move on and collect more loot!

Step 3:

Step 4:

After crossing the bridge and seeing Ares' destruction of the Athenian Army, find another elusive Gorgon Eye

Step 5:

Traveling through Athens' lower sections

Step 6:

The temple separating the lower district from up town

Step 7:

Smashing through Athens' upscale district to the main plaza

Step 8:

Athens is closed to outsiders, break through this woman's house to find the oracle. A little bit of looting along the way never hurt anybody.....(The video is having a hard time getting processed, I will edit it if it needs to be re-uploaded)

Step 9:

Archers, zombies, and Cyclops, oh my! Defeating these powerful foes that block your path will grant you some experience, but not as much as the hidden chests along the way!

Step 10:

Our last stop before reaching the Oracle, the Temple of Zeus provides you with a long range new power and access to the Temple's treasure room. You are fighting in Zeus' name, I'm sure he won't mind you skimming a little bit of his sacrifices off the top!