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Going green is a plan that has the potential to help make our world a cleaner and healthier one to live in for future generations. I got this idea from the movie pay it forward and you can watch it on youtube if you want. If one person does everything they can to clean the planet, they won't make a big change. But if they get three people to help and those three people get three others each and so on and so forth, then you will have 1 to 4 to 13 to 40 to 121 and then 264. the number grows exponentially! But, if not only one person starts this out, but ten people, then it goes from 10 to 40 to 130 to 400 to 1,210, and then 2,640!

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Step 1: The Plan

First you have to find out who to tell and what you can do to help save the world. You can reuse plastic bags (a great instructable on how is here:, or you can pick up litter and save money on electricity and water bills which helps the planet by not using as many resources. Also, you can open your windows instead of air conditioning in the summer. To start, go out into the world and find three willing volunteers, it's better to start with three willing people because then there will be a higher chance of them getting three other people each and then recruiting three more people each. They will also most likely help more. Go and collect litter and throw it away and if it's plastic bottles you can recycle them and save money of electric and water bills by taking shorter showers and turn off lights when you leave the room and they will see the joy in it. They will then keep on doing it and show more people. All this time, you are doing this also and those other people. Then, when they have told their three people, later, they will want to tell more people so the number of people they tell and show is more than just three.

Step 2: The Math

The way this works is it expands exponentially. Even if some people don't get more people to help, the ones who do and want to get even more to help, help cover some of that loss, maybe not all of it, but quite a bit of it. If you tell three people and they tell three people but out of those three people, only one tells three people and one other tells only two and the other person does nothing, that is still 18 people so far. And don't forget, you too can tell more than three people, the more you tell the more chance that your people will tell even more people. I would suggest telling them to tell at least three people so then they will think to tell more. What I have been doing is at school, I have been doing this and this is a great way if you are a kid. A kid can do this too. The kids you tell will tell their parents and their parents will tell their friends and it can start that way. No matter what your age, you can start now and the more people who reads this and does it, the better, so if you don't have time to tell people the Going Green plan, tell them to look here for instructions.

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