Introduction: Gol Home Project

Gol Home Project

Step 1: Material PVC Pipe

To mount the frame of the pair of beams you will need:
04 - Tubes of PVC (cold water) of 20mm of length of 80 cm.

08- Tubes of PVC (cold water) of 20mm of length of 40 cm.

12- PVC knees (cold water) 90º.

Step 2: Material Ink

Spray paint in white color to give aesthetic finish to the PVC pipe and give a metallic beam feature.

Step 3: Sandpaper

The sandpaper will be useful to remove the imperfections of the PVC cut and will aid in the connection of PVC pieces of 0.80 cm with PVC pieces of 0.40 cm.

Step 4: Material Sand or Brita

To make weight and bring stability to the pair of beams use gravel or sand that will be placed inside the PVC pipes before connecting them to each other.

Step 5: String Material

Barbante that will be necessary to make the nets and the moorings on the beam.

Step 6: Assembly

Fill PVC pipes with sand or gravel to make weight and stability of beams.

Step 7: Assembly

Attach the PVC tubes of 0.40 cm and 0.80 cm as well as the knees that serve as the base for the parts to connect to each other.

Step 8: Assembly

After assembling the PVC pipes. Use the spray in white and give the aesthetic finish to the pair of beams.

Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 9: Assembly

The next step is to make the mooring of the net in the pair of beams

Using the string first make moorings horizontally in the form of strips to fill the entire space of the beam. Total 05 moorings. Then make vertical moorings intertwined with horizontal moorings. Total 20 moorings. Try to leave spaces of up to 5 cm between one horizontal line and another.

Step 10: Concluído

Now it's just fun !!!