Introduction: Gold Foil Business Card

Make an impressive impact of your business with aluminum business cards. The business card is aluminum and the letters are a metallic foil with a thick clear coating. I blurred personal information.

Follow along to learn how to make one.

It's very easy but it does take some time.

Things you will need to have access to:

A laser printer.

Heat laminator

Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

Glass bowl

Things to buy:


Toner transfer paper

Razor blade

Paper cups

Popsicle sticks

Painters tape

Epoxy or clear coat.

Step 1: Laser Printer

You will need a B/W laser printer, it can't be a color copier. Laser printer toner is a fine powder made from plastic.

Then you need a special toner transfer paper. The company that sells the best paper and foil is Decal Pro fx.

Here is the link to the paper and foil.

Print your copy in reverse on the toner transfer paper on the light blue side.

Step 2: Business Card

Once printed, cut out the area that you want to transfer to the anodized aluminum business card.

I bought the anodized aluminum business cards on a site called Chewbarka.

They have a variety of colors and thickness. I used the .020 thickness.

Here's the link

Clean the card of any dirt and finger prints

Center it and use painters tape to keep it into place.

Trim the excess toner transfer paper around the card.

Step 3: Heat Laminator

Now you'll need a heat laminator.

The company says to use or buy the Apache AL13p heat laminator. I made this card at TechShop and they happened to have one. You have to get the temperature up to 379 degrees. If you don't have access to a TechShop. You can also go to a FedEx Kinkos and use there heat laminator there. They use a laminator called Identification Products. Turn the knob all the way up and you'll have to use a carrier sheet. I have tried it and it worked. Run it through 2 or 3 times to get it really hot. Believe me an aluminum card gets really hot so if you have sensitive hands wear gloves. The heat causes the toner to transfer and sticks to the aluminum.

Step 4: Soak

Then immediately put the card when stuck to the paper into a bowl of water while it's hot. Make sure the water covers the entire card. Give it a couple of minutes to soak and they will separate. If you're not sure shake the bowl and you'll actually see the paper start to move. Peel the tape off and pat dry with a clean paper towel.

Step 5: Foiling

Let the card air dry. Cut the foil that you choose to use over the copy on the card or image. Place the gray side of the foil over the toner and tape it down so it doesn't move. Only use tape on one side because you have to run it through the laminator again.

Make sure the laminator is up to the same temperature that you use to bond the laser toner to the card 379 degrees. You can run it through either side because the bottom and top roller are heated. Place the taped side in first, because when it goes through the laminator it might shift just a hair. Also make sure the tape or foil doesn't overlap the card. You don't want the excess glue from the tape getting on the rollers or onto the carrier sheet. Run it through once.

After that let it cool for a minute. Carefully peel back tape and with an even peel take the foil away. You might have some excess around the card. Just lightly scrap off with a razor blade.

Step 6: Coating

The foil is now on there really good but it can scratch. My suggestion is to spray a clear coat on it before you start touching it. Or if you're like me and want to make a bigger impact buy some Easy Cast it's an epoxy and coat the card. You can get it at Michael's craft store.

Make sure the card is level on the table and away from dust, because it will take over night to dry. Just mix the two parts equally. It will have a yellowish look to it when mixed. But don't worry, when it's dry it will be clear. What will be really clear is when you hand your business card out, you mean business!

There will be some air bubbles in the card. To get them out use a heat gun or a hair dryer and hover about 6-8 inches and constantly move it around, not in one position.

Let the cards sit over night to harden.

Step 7: The Big Impact

Well there you have it. The ultimate business card that will make a great impact.

I would love to hear your stories when handing out your business cards.