Introduction: Gold Plated Beaded Necklace With Matching Earrings

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The gold plated beaded necklace with matching earrings are made with supplies bought from a craft shop. Here I have used two sets of golden crimp wires with gold plated tubes. You can experiment with three or four sets of tubes between the beads.

Step 1: Materials Required

The following Jewelry making supplies are required for this simple necklace and the earrings

  • 3 mm size Gold plated beads about 50 numbers
  • 7 mm long Gold plated tubes about 100 pieces
  • Gold plated blue stone settings 5 pieces
  • Jewel making crimping wire (Golden color) about 60 centimeters long
  • "S" shaped hook one piece
  • Gold plated jump ring one piece
  • Gold plated crimp locks about 10 numbers
  • Gold plated earring hooks 2 pieces

Step 2: Tools Required

  • Jewelry making Semi-circular nose pliers
  • Jewelry making Wire cutter

Step 3: Making the Beaded Necklace

  • Cut 2 pieces of about 30 centimeters long crimp wires
  • Insert the gold plated blue stone setting and adjust it to the center of the wires
  • Add the gold plated beads one on each side of the stone setting through both the wires
  • Add 2 pieces of gold plated tubes one on each wire as shown in the photograph
  • Add a bead through both the wires
  • Repeat this process on both sides of the stone setting. You can use clips so that the beads will not slide down from the wires
  • Keep a count of beads on both sides so that they are equal in number. Adjust the number of beads and tubes combination so that the necklace is not too short or too long. here I have added 19 beads on each side
  • Finish with the combination of tubes on both wires
  • Insert a piece of crimp lock on each end through both the wires
  • Using the pliers crimp and lock both ends. Now the necklace is secure and the beads will not slide down from the wires.
  • Trim excess wire using the wire cutter
  • Add a gold plated "S" clamp through one wire only and lock it with a crimp lock
  • Add a gold plated jump ring on the other end through one wire and lock with a crimp lock

Now the beaded necklace is ready

Step 4: Making the Earrings

For making one earring
  • Take two pieces of 15 centimeter long crimp wires
  • Insert the gold plated earring hook and fold both the wires into half. Now you have four lengths of wire below the earring hook.
  • Insert a bead through all four wires
  • Insert four pieces of gold plated tubes on each wire
  • Insert two beads, one for each two wire combination with the tubes
  • Repeat this process so that there are three sets of tubes and two sets of beads on each side, excluding the center bead.
  • Insert a blue stone setting on each side, crisscrossing the wires through the holes in the stone settings
  • Lock the stone setting with a crimp lock on each side
  • Trim away the excess wire
  • Make the other earring also using the same method

Now a set of earrings are ready

Step 5: Enjoy

The combination of Beaded necklace and earrings can be worn on any occasion.

Enjoy your attractive home made jewelry...
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