Introduction: Golden Venture Folding

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 Golden venture folding is where you fold small paper triangles with two legs and two holes each. These legs and holes allow them to slot into each over and further allow you to build huge and cool looking sculptures. Most people make swans or over bowl shaped things as they are the easiest to start with.
And in advance I am sorry about the picture quality, Im using my phone camera for this.

Step 1: Get the Right Paper and Sizes.

 An A4 sheet of paper will let you make 32 small rectangles which will then be used later to make the triangles. 1 rectangle=1 triangle.
So first grab your sheet of A4 paper and cut in half to start, then into quarters and keep going until you have 32 rectangles, all should be of equal size.
To avoid any confusion the pieces should measure 3.5 by 5.2 roughly.

Step 2: First Two Folds

 The first two are very easy, so I'm putting them both into the first step.
First- you should be holding you rectangle landscape then fold it in half from the top to the bottom.

second-you should now have a thinner rectangle to fold in half again but from left to right or vice versa.
Undo the second fold afterwards, (the second fold is only needed to make the crease line).

Make sure the fold lines are done very well, If they have not been folded tightly then the next steps will become harder.
And again I apologise for the blurryness of these pics, for some reason when they get blown up they get all out of focus, but this is the only means of which I can upload them.

Step 3: The Third Fold

These ones get relatively hard, but if you understand properly it should be easy.

Third- Remember the crease line you made in the second step...this is his moment to shine. take one side and fold it diagonally to meet the crease line, then fold it in place there, the image will properly explain where the fold should take place.

Step 4: The Fourth Fold

Probably the hardest part to do. Now flip the piece of paper you have so far, so now you should be seeing a triangle with two tiny rectangles showing out of the top of it, these two rectangles will form the holes.
Fourth- grap the corner of tiny rectangle and fold it perfectly diagonally, so one corner meets another, and repeat for the other side. Iv'e used red to outline the whole thing including fold lines in the picture so you should know excatly what it should look like so far. The dotted red line indicates where you should be folding in each side for this stage.

and I would be grateful if you took no notice of the mess behind it.

Step 5: Fifth Step

 Now you should have two triangles above a bigger one, fold down the two small triangles from there top point down. so they lap over the bigger one.
The image will show you where the fold will be and what it should look like after.

Step 6: Finale

 now from left to right fold the whole thing in half and there you go, be sure to check it the first time that it has two holes in the top of it and it should look like the pictures in this step.

When you make alot of these, and i'm talking about the thousands, you can make some pretty impresive stuff. Like iv'e made a 3000 piece swan, a hand and I'm working on a whole human body, but 5k pieces in and iv'e only done the head so I may quit on that.

Now I hope you have fun making these they can be very easy to make, and I did not invent these It was someone in china.
P.s. Hopefully I have a better camera before my next instructable.