Introduction: Goldie Locks (Little Girl) Paper Craft (Easy)

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Little Girl Paper Craft

This instructable will give you the step by step to create your own little girl out of paper using cheap and easy to use materials.  Your little girl could be Goldie Locks, Red Ridding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Dorthy and many other characters from literature and games.

This is a very easy and cheap creation to add to any classroom lesson.  Anyone younger than second grade will need more than one day of work, and precut items might be helpful.  Anyone younger than 5th grade you may want to break the lesson up.  Do not fear, any K-12 grade level can be successful with this, you just might need to modify what steps they do.  Pre-cutting templates for instance might be helpful.  Working in small groups may be a good idea.  You name it modifications can be made and I'm more than happy to help you come up with those modification. :)

Please see my other paper craft instructables for other ideas as well:

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Lesson Ideas:

Geography (where the fairy tales originated from, where they were written...learning the continents, oceans)

Basic body terminology (torso, arms, legs, pelvis)

History lesson(s)

Following basic directions

Learning how to write expository text, narrative, instructional

Art lesson for any season

Learning new key words (these can very from lesson to lesson)


I'd love to hear any ideas you might have for lessons!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed:

Paper (Construction Recommended)
Glue (Elmers)
Hole Punch

Materials Recommended But Not needed:

Paper Clips
Permanent Marker (many colors or one)
White Paint
White Out
Tooth Pick
Exact Knife

Paper is not the only way this gal could be made, some other thoughts on what you could create this guy out of are listed below:

Paper mache
You name it you could likely use it!

Step 2: Cut Out the Templates

Open up the PDF, print out and cut out all of your templates needed for your little gal.

I had some old school templates left to me by a former school teacher long ago, I've modified them to make creating paper people easier.  This basic design can be used and changed to make other characters.  As I work on creating those and different bells and whistles, I'll post those instructions as well.

Step 3: Head

Time to get out the peach construction paper.  After making the pirate I realize a template laid out might be easier than one that had to be cut on fold .

If you like you can draw around the template then cut, I however just hold the template in place then cut away.  Do whatever you are comfortable with.

Cut our your template and get your glue ready.  On the template you will see a line to place glue to.  (the smaller dotted lines).  I fold the paper on that line then place the glue.

I glue the top part of the head together, again I used a paper clip to hold it in place.  Then glue the neck area together.  Again use a paper clip to hold it in place.

Note: It does not matter what color you choose to use for this part, just remember whatever part of the skin is showing should be the same color during the entire project.  For this 'able I used peach.

Step 4: Arms & Hands

Use the template and cut out two arms.  Fold on the small dotted line and place glue.  Roll the arm and glue it together.  Use paper clips to hold it in place.

Cut strips of peach paper and roll for hands.  Glue inside the arm.

Step 5: Legs & Socks

Take the full leg template and cut out legs in your skin tone (mine for this able was peach).  Then decided what color the socks of your little gal will be.  I went with a plain white.  line up the leg template but cut only up to the dotted line that says sock.  Cut two of those.

Put glue on the outside of each leg and roll them together and hold them in place with a paper clip.  Place glue all around the sock inside and roll it around the bottom part of your legs.  Use the paper clip already on the leg to hold the leg and sock together while they dry.

Step 6: Petit Four & Hat Ribbon

Decided what color you would like your petit fours to be (that is the lacy like top too the girls dress.  After selecting the color fold the paper in half and lay the dress pattern on the fold and cut it out.  Then cut out the hat ribbon out of the same color.

Take your dress pattern and start cutting out the scallop shaping about a half and inch to an inch up.  This can easily be eyeballed.  Once you have your cuts, take the hole punch and place holes above each wave.  This will give the viewer an idea of lace.

Step 7: Shoes

Decided on what color your shoes will be.  I decided I wanted to match the hat ribbon and petit four so  I went with light purple.

You will need to fold the paper in half and lay the shoe template on the line.  Cut out two pairs of shoes. 

Take the shoes and put glue around the inside and glue the shoe around the bottom of the sock.  Glue both legs together.  I then ppaper clip them into place to the glue holds and also helps hold the shoe on to the legs

Step 8: Hat

If you didn't cut your ribbon piece out before, do so now.  Then take the top part of your hat and the bottom and cut them out of paper.  I opted for a straw hat so I used brown, but the color is really up to you.  Once all the pieces are cut out fold the tabs of the ribbion and the top of the hat over.  place glue on the edge of the ribbon as well as the tabs.  place them on the bottom of the hat.  You may have to hold this for a while as the glue dries. 

Then take the top part of the hat and place glue on the tabs and place it on top of the ribbon.

Step 9: The Dress

Now for the rest of the dress.  Pick the color that will go underneath the petit fours, for this example I used a darker purple.  This will be the same color you will want your sleeves as well. 

I folded the paper in half and laid the dress pattern on the fold and cut.  I also cut out the sleeves from the pater.

I put glue over the petit four and glued it on top of the darker purple dress  Because I did not ct any more off of the dress template the petit four does not go clear down, and this is what you desire.

Step 10: Hair and Ears

You will notice there is no template for the hair and ears.  Here you have to eyeball and play around.  I went with an easy C shape and cut strips up and down the paper  I then curled the ends and glue it to the head.  I cut out ears with flaps to glue on the side of her head and used white paper in the hole punch to give her earrings.  Her ears are kinda big and her hair could be better.  In retrospect individual hairs may have been a better plan, but live and learn!

I then, after gluing the hair and ears on, put glue around the top of her head and place on the hat.

Step 11: Jazz the Arms

Glue the sleeves of the dress over the tops of the arms.  If you have not done so already or they are not hooked well glue in the hands.  There is a template for the hands, but you could just eyeball and cut a strip of paper.

Step 12: Face Details

I will be the first to tell you, this is not my best face work.  I was in a bit of a hurry on both of the paper gals I made.  So you can see what I did and improve on it.

 I eyeballed a big grin and cut it out of white paper.  On one of the gals I drew eyes on on the other I used white h old punch scrap with blue hold punch scraps and eventually black.  I used a marker to make eye lashes and a nose.

I then attached the head to the body/dress.  Roll the dress around and glue it in place.  Use  a paper clip to hold it in place.  Then glue the head inside the body frame.

At this stage I take my arms and glue them onto the torso and let them sit a while too form a bond.

Step 13: Putting It All Together

Take a small strip of paper and put it inside the legs making a platform on top of the legs.  Generously place glue on then set the paper gall on top of the legs. 

Move the body around to see how you want her to stand.  It was at this point I thought she needed darker eyes and I added the black paper as well.

Step 14: The End

Here you will see two of the same pattern with different details.  Just the way you draw the face can make a huge difference.  I added flowers in the hand of the gal in purple, but you could add other things or just leave her plain.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!  Keep your eye on me for more to come!

Remember You can choose any color paper you like, you might also want to use white paper and color the paper using crayons.  Just make sure you color before gluing.

I would love to see your paper doll  and hear of his/her adventures.  Feel free to ask questions I will do my best to help you out and keep your eye out for more paper crafts from me to come!

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