Introduction: Golf Swing

This instruction set is for people with a basic knowledge of the golf swing and are trying to improve it.

Step 1: Grip

First, grab a golf club and wrap your hands around the club’s grip. If you are right-handed, place your right hand above your left hand on the club or vice versa if you are left-handed. Keep a comfortable squeeze of the club’s grip. For right-handed people, interlock (intertwine) your left index finger and right pinky as you grip the club with both hands. Take your left thumb and press straight down the grip having your right hand fingers overlap your thumb. Left-handed people will do the same thing but with the opposite hand/fingers. This will be your grip and the way to hold your club in preparation for the next steps.

Step 2: Addressing the Ball and Stance

Place a golf ball in front of you and put it in the middle of your stance which is between your legs. Your feet/legs should be shoulder width apart. You want the golf ball to be far enough from your body that you are fully extending your arms and club, but not enough where you feel you are reaching out for it. Assure you are utilizing the grip set-up from the first step and extend your arms and club in a letter “Y” formation positioning the club right behind the ball. You have now completed your grip and stance set-up.

Step 3: Posture

Next, you are going to go through a checklist to make sure you have the right posture. First, you want your feet and shoulders to help direct your ball to the target. You can check this by placing a club parallel to your body touching both your feet, holding a club touching both of your shoulders, and see if the clubs are pointing to the target. If it isn’t, adjust your stance and move your feet to the correct aligned position. Re-check using the club parallel test. Now, keep your back straight and knees slightly bent having both your chest and rear stick out. Do another final check to make sure your feet are shoulder width apart and now your posture step is complete.

Step 4: Backswing Part 1

First, shift or rotate your shoulders around your body in a counter-clockwise direction for right-handers and vice versa for left-handers. Keep your head, hands, and wrists perfectly still and keep your arms fully extended continuing to make the letter “Y” formation. Do not move your lower body or feet at all and maintain your posture as in Step 2. Rotate your shoulders around your body until your shoulder closest to the target is close to beneath your chin.

Step 5: Backswing Part 2

Once your shoulder is close to beneath your chin, flick your wrists up to make an “L” formation between your arms and the golf club. Keep your arms straight, fully extended and continue rotating your shoulders around your body until your shoulder just passes your chin (this should be when the club is parallel with the ground). Remember to keep your head still and continuing to look at the ball during this process. Additionally, you should only move your lower body slightly twisting back and shifting your weight to your back foot which will cause more bend in your front leg/knee but continue to keep both feet touching the ground.

Step 6: Forward Swing Part 1

Once your club is parallel with the ground, pop your hip closest to the target out and flip your hips around your body in the direction of the target. Let the rest of your body follow through behind your hips in the swing motion. Note your arms and club should follow after your hips. Do not rotate or move any part of your body independently. Do this until your wrists are at the same level as your hips. Once you have reached this point, you may begin to flip your wrists down and following the progression of the club towards the target. Hit squarely down on the ball creating a divot in the process. Your head needs to continue to stay down and focused on the contact with the ball.

Step 7: Forward Swing Part 2

Even though you have made contact with the ball you must finish following through with your swing to ensure hitting a great shot. (Remember you are swinging through the ball not to it.) Continue rotating your hips until your chest is facing your target. Keep your front foot still while bringing your back foot up with your toes touching ground. The bottom of your back foot shoe will face opposite your target. Finish the swing high keeping your arms fully extended wrapping up around your body as you have completed the swing. Finish with your club perpendicular with your target line and hold that pose as you watch your shot. Your head is now finally up to enjoy your shot.

Step 8: Remember You Are Out There to Have Fun!

If you hit a bad shot, forget about it quickly, and move on to your next shot. Think about your next shot’s strategy and the mechanics of your swing. A clear mind and a positive attitude are necessary for playing golf successfully. Once you hit a great shot, use that to build your confidence and keep your mojo. Golf is a craft that is as much mental as physical.