Introduction: Golf Practice Net From Recycled Trampoline

2 things in life are plentiful .

1) Golfers who need to practice.

2) Old trampolines.

Kids grow out of them, Families move on, They get unused.

Junkyards , garage sales and local recycling tips here in Australia have loads of them.

At more or less scrap value.

The frames are usually galvanised strong steel much like exhaust pipe steel.

Lots come with original tear proof mats. Homeowners are happy to get rid of old ones.

They are modular and clip together using male and female ends. Easy to basic stick weld, rivet or bolt.

I needed a net for my yard. New metal would have cost a few hundred bucks.

So a trip to my local "tip shop" got me 2 complete 4m circular tramps plus mats for forty bucks.

I had a few 2nd hand shadecloth portable gazebo/ bbq tents as well from past garage sales. Usually only a few bucks as well. Often the lightweight frames break . Homeowners end up with new shadecloth sides stored up taking space. The shadecloth mesh is bulletproof and no golf ball can get through...

So I reshaped a couple of tramps to shapes I wanted. Screwed together with self drilling hex head screws. And hung the old tramp mat over with my shadecloth sides. Some basic plastic eyelets and cheap nylon rope holds them on to frames.

NOTE I had to stick weld 3 t joints only on whole job. Could have riveted etc. Did this as needed a mirror set for left and right sides. Easy job for home/beginner welders.

Step 1: Starts Like This

Basic 4metre round second hand tramp . Abundant .

Step 2: Parts From Recycle Yard .

Step 3: Basic Format to Join Up Using T Joins From Tramp . Note Welded Corner

Step 4: Top and Bottom L AndR Reshaped Feet From Tramp. Bent in Vyce Easily to Match Shapes Needed.

Step 5: Side View of Uprights. These Are the 4 Metre Circle Parts

Step 6: You Can See Original Black Tramp Mat at Back and Draped Over Top Frame.

Step 7: Front View. You Can See Old Shadecloth Bbq Tent Material on Sides Here and Extra Back Stop

The frame is light but very strong. I pegged both sides into grass, but easy to move for mowing etc.


Advantage of the creation :



Easy to find the scrap parts.

Plus the mesh sides.

Screwed together - so is easy to pull apart to move to another site.

Get a couple of frames and make wider/ different shape etc.

I can hit a full blown golf drive into mesh and stops it dead.

An alt version could be an animal shelter/ motorbike shelter etc etc.

The modular easy bolt/ push together parts require only basic skills.

Great family kids and dad or mum assembly ...

A great practice project for learner welders/ constructors.

Basic stick welding, bolting, cutting of steel .

All in all a satisfying project.

I like to recycle and use my brains rather than buy off the shelf..

The size and shape is only limited by your needs and imagination..


It's a good outdoor recycler that's a useful cheap family project.

Happy to answer any questions.

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