Introduction: Gomi Daiko (Trash Can Taiko Drum)

For those who don't know, a taiko is a japanese drum. The real ones are expensive, so people who don't have the money to buy the real ones (like me) just make them out of tires or trash cans and packing tape.

Step 1: Ingredients

(1) trash can

a good amount of packing tape

duct tape

(I had a trash can with handles so I cut off the handles with a lopper. I would suggest getting one with no handles if you can. If you can't, that's no biggie as long as you can cut them off.)

Step 2: First

Take the packing tape and make a cross with it over the trash can's mouth. You should leave at least 4 inches of tape to grip the sides. Make sure to pull the tape tight!

Step 3: Second

Pull two more diagonally over the first two in their own cross. Make sure there's at least 4 inches of tape over the sides.

Step 4: Third

Continue to pull pieces of tape across the mouth of the trash can until most of the space is used up. Again, make sure to leave enough tape on the sides.

Step 5: Fourth

Now, pull the tape horizontally across the crisscrossing tape, Over the whole mouth, In one direction.

Step 6: Fifth

Do the same exact thing, but vertically.

Step 7: Sixth

Use the duct tape to anchor the packing tape to the sides of the trash can, for just in case.

Step 8: Finally

You're all done! Enjoy your new gomi daiko!