Introduction: Gondorian Ranger Bracers

A set of Gondorian Ranger bracers for the LotR enthusiast. Credit to @fellandfair (Instagram) for teaching me the basics of leatherwork!

Step 1: Cut Outs

Draw design on paper, trace onto leather, and cut leather using a scalpel. Before tracing onto leather, make sure the paper version fits arm well.

Step 2: Design

Draw free hand the leaf design onto leather. No stencil was used. Don't draw too dark but don't draw too light. Erase as necessary.

Step 3: Tooling

Wet leather by using a sponge. Use a swivel knife to cut the design.

Step 4: Stamping

Use mallet and stamp to create the "leaf-on-leaf" effect. As a general rule of thumb, stamp above any horizontal lines and outside any vertical lines. A few exceptions can be seen in the photo. Leather needs to be slightly damp for this step, too.

Step 5: Straps

Choose 4 buckles and cut 4 strap sets accordingly.

Step 6: Stain

Stain each strap and bracer. I used Fudge Brown. It is more red than seen in this photo, but not as red as in the cover photo. Make sure leather has dried before doing this. Stain takes 3-4 hours to dry.

Step 7: Assemble

Use basic sewing to assemble. I used a common diamond shaped hole pattern. NOTE: sew straps onto face of bracers and not onto the backside. When you put them on, the straps will fold and hold the bracer onto your arm rather than letting them stick out a bit.

Step 8: Seal

Use a sealant to ward against future dampness. Remember sealant is a coat. Don't rub it in aggressively. Coat as much of the bracer as you can reach. Sealant takes about 30 minutes to dry.

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