Introduction: Good Vs. Bad Chase Game

I decided to make my own board game at home. A game with my own rules and a game which is not available in the market. I hope Hasbro or Playskool contacts me to buy the rights for my game. *Just Kidding*

I hope you have fun building it and playing it as much as I did. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials Needed



Glue gun

Glue stick

Construction paper

White paper


Color pencils

Step 2: Measure

Measure Cardboard and White paper of equal measure. Cut it.

Stick the paper onto the cardboard.

Step 3: Draw

Draw the checkered images on the white paper. Color it in yellow, Blue and orange with 4 different colors corresponding to 8 players.

Step 4: Making the Shops

Cut 8 rectangles and 16 rectangle strips out of cardboard.

Stick them together to make 4 3D shops.

Step 5:

Cut 4 Bigger Strips and cut 1 parallelogram and cover the parallelogram with blue construction paper. Stick the 4 3D shops on the 4 rectangles drawn on outer edges of the board. Stick the parallelogram onto the cardboard strips to make a 3D Good Tokens House.

Step 6: Making Your Play Tokens

Make 16 tokens: 4 blue, 4 red, 4 yellow and 4 green tokens. 2 of each color are bad tokens. Cut smaller squares and stick them on 2 red, 2 blue, 2 green and 2 yellow tokens of corresponding colors and these are good tokens.

Step 7: Making Items

Cut 8 1cm x 1cm squares out of brown cardboard and place 2 in each shop.

Step 8: Create a Dice

Create a dice with 6 sided cut cardboard and fold them into a cube. Cover this with white paper and draw 1-6 dots on each side.

The game is ready!

Step 9: Instructions to Play the Game:

2-8 Players

The 2 bad tokens of each color start on their corresponding colors on outer edges. The good tokens start in the center house. Place 2 items in each shop.

The bad tokens and good tokens take alternate turns on the dice to start moving their tokens. They can move in any direction, vertical or horizontal but not diagonal. The bad tokens can collect only 1 item from each shop per turn. The good tokens roll the dice to catch the bad tokens. The bad tokens of all colors work together to collect each item and return back to their houses. But if they get caught by the good tokens while returning home, their item is seized by the good tokens and returned to the shop, and the caught token is out of the game.

The objective of the good tokens is to catch all the bad tokens before they can get all items and return to their houses.


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