Introduction: Good Wizards Magic Staff

A while ago I saw a Adam Savage one day build of a lantern ( go to 5:30. and this inspired me to make a Halloween prop for my son. This is a simple and fun project and the end result could be adapted for other holidays or costumes ( I'm thinking of a Candy Cane one for Christmas)


Disco light bulb

Plastic pipe

Press Button Switch

Batteries and holder


Optional candle stick

Paint and hot glue

Step 1: Step 1 THE BULB

We have had a couple of these for ages but they don't fit any of our sockets, then having seen Adam's video I decided to open one up.

Step 2: Step 3 the Electrics Pt 1

I remove the control widget and solder in a new battery to power the lights and the small built in motor. I then connect a push switch.

Step 3: Step 4 the Electrics Pt 2

I cut a length of pipe to With the hole drilled I thread the wire up the plastic and glue the the switch in place.

Step 4: Step 5 the Bulb Holder

I used an Pound Shop candle stick holder which as a miracle was the perfect size for the bulb. I cut out a plug on the drill press and and then drilled a hole in both and threaded the wires through. The candle stick will house the battery holder.

Step 5: Step 6 Painting the Staff

Using the hot glue method (apologies to the person who used tin foil but I now cant find your Instructables, but thanks) I then painted on 1 coat of PVA and 2 coats of external grade paint stain.

Step 6: Step 6 Painting the Bulb Holder

Using rattle can and glitter already in the shop I paint the Bulb Holder. I also drilled a couple of holes and fixed 2 screws so I can change the batteries.

Step 7: Step 7 the Finished Staff

The finished staff works great . The images were taken in a fairly light room. In a dark room or even outside the rotating effect is great.

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