Introduction: Googie Girl Costume

This year I was a "Googie girl", which is a sci-fi girl with fun space accessories, like a ray gun! I actually got the idea looking at costumes on Pinterest and came across a creepy clown makeup with white freckles that reminded me of stars and a galaxy makeup idea was born! My grandma, who is an amazing seamstress, sewed the space suit (with no pattern because she is amazing!) with metallic material reinforced by stiff backing to help the high shoulders keep shape. Then she made a separate sparkly skirt and a metallic belt to pull the costume together that has strips of snaps sewn on the underside of the belt holding on to 2 different hula hoops, one small and one large, that we wrapped with LED rice light strips. The battery packs are tucked into the belt in the back. Makeup in the next step!

Step 1: Makeup

This makeup was so fun to do! I used metallic baked eye-shadows from Hot Topic and used a makeup sponge and my fingers to apply several different colors and blend them into one another to give the galaxy effect. I then took white liquid makeup and drew on the bigger stars with a thin eyeliner brush, then used a wide bristled brush to dip in the liquid makeup and flick on a light spray of white to produce all the tiny stars. Then I added a nice thick layer of glitter so the whole galaxy side of my face sparkled like stars! I ordered the theatrical contact lenses (in my prescription of course)to really add an out of this world feel to my galaxy makeup, and, finally, I added some purple lashes and gemstones and it was a complete galaxy makeup! Accessories in the next step.

Step 2: Accessories

For the solar system head piece, I took a wire wreath and attached styrofoam balls in different sizes, purchased in a variety pack from dollar tree, that I hand painted to resemble all the planets and the sun, as well as a bunch of moons. I attached the wreath to a handband with wire, which was comfortable since I had the purple martian-esque bob wig. I took a play gun from dollar tree and spray painted it silver and glued in a glow stick spray wand (grandma's great idea!) with spiraled wire in a ray-gun looking spiral around the glow sticks. For my space boots, I simply bought some knee high boots at Salvation army and spray painted them silver, as well, which looked great with my turquoise metallic leggings that I got online!

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