Introduction: Google Assistant Controlled Smart Home Automation

Let's make this project in just 5 Steps

Come on ! Let's start

Step 1: Components Required

Relay Module

Nodemcu Esp8266-12E

Few Jumper Wires

Bulb Holder

Bulb (AC)


Follow the Below steps on your laptop/PC

Download the software called Arduino IDE from this link

Click here to download

Now install ESP8266 board into the Arduino IDE

Click here to download Nodemcu board on Arduino IDE

Now install the Adafruit MQTT library into the Arduino IDE

Click here to download Adafruit MQTT library

And now add the library to the Arduino IDE

follow the video to know how to add a library to arduino IDE

Download the Code and upload it when i instruct

Click here to download the code

Step 3: Circuit

Make the circuit as per shown in the photo attached to this step

Step 4: Adafruit Setup

Follow the Video

and once you are done with the video , now just upload the code to your Nodemcu board

Step 5: IFTTT Setup

Follow the video for IFTTT setup

Step 6: Testing

Now you are all done , connect a phone charger to your Nodemcu Board

and turn on the bulb and see your project in action

This project was inspired by JSK LABS on youtube

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