Google Cardboard

Introduction: Google Cardboard

To create the google cardboard you will need:

Paper print outs of a google cardboard from googles website.

Glue (Pritt )



Step 1: Pasting

Take your google cardboard print outs and paste it on your cardboard with your glue.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut out the outline of the google cardboard then cut the shapes inside the google box outline. Those shapes can be seen in the images provided with this step.

Step 3: Folding Piece 1

Take the piece shown in the first image. Fold the small rectangle, connected to a triangle and furthest from the body. Fold the piece downwards.

Step 4: Folding Piece 1- Part 2

Fold the triangle upwards.This triangle is connected to the smallest rectangle (the same rectangle that was referred to in step 3) .

Step 5: Pasting Part of Piece 1

Fold the triangle connected to the big rectangle. Fold this triangle so that the small trapezium it is connected to, matches up with the trapezium on the large rectangle. Once you are happy that the two trapeziums are aligned, use print to stick them together.

Step 6: Sticking the Semi Circle

Fold the semi circle around the opposite side of the large rectangle, with the triangles and small rectangles. So the opposite side would be the side without the pyramid thing and outlines. Stick this semi circle down with glue.

Step 7: Folding Piece 1 Into a Box

Fold all 3 large rectangles (all the rectangles except the on with the massive hole). Fold them at 90 degrees, away from the printed side of the rectangle with the massive hole.

Step 8: Aligning Piece 1 and 2

So now you have a box type thing. What you want to do is align that rectangle I referred to in step 7 ( the rectangle with the massive hole) with the identical hole in the piece with 3 circles ( two next to each other and one in its own rectangle ) and a round diamond thing.

Step 9: Aligning Piece 3 With Piece 1 and 2

Take your final piece and and align it with the other two identical massive holes. Stick all three rectangles with massive holes together.

Step 10: Folding Upwards

Fold the two big excess pieces upwards, the pieces connected to the rectangle with the massive hole.

Step 11: Eye Holes and Nose Holes

Okay from here its going to be a bit more tricky to understand and explain. So now you have two vertical pieces. Take the piece with 4 circles, in the shape of a square, and fold it in half so that the circles align. Stick the pieces in place. You will end up with two circular holes, these are for your eyes and a round diamond hole,this hole is for your nose.

Step 12: Making a Box

Okay so now the piece I referred to in step 11 looks like a rectangle with two circles connected to a smaller rectangle and half a diamond hole. One will now fold the rectangle with the the circles at 90 degrees so that the box thing with the massive hole, is closed. Refer to the images to make sure you have closed the box correctly. I have taken images from different angles so one can see clearly how it should look.

Step 13: Sticking Circles

Now take the other vertical piece and fold it so that its two circles align with the other circles on the box. Stick the pieces together, make sure the circles are aligned when glueing down.

Step 14: Almost Done

Take the excess paper of the piece referred to in step 13 so that it looks like the image above. Stick it in place once you are happy that it looks like the image above.

Step 15: Final Product and Thoughts

Fold the paper so that it looks like the image above. Stick down the rectangle above the eye holes. This is just a basic outline of a google cardboard, one can add color to it or even add straps so that it stays on your head. Some people even add lenses to the eye holes. With that well done, you now have your very own google cardboard. Insert your android phone and enjoy!

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