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Google Glass Base - Original vertical holster and power/data dock for your explorer edition Glass hardware! 

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Quick Description:
Weighted side of Glass unit is slotted into angled base opening then the touch pad is cupped by vertical tower keeping your exclusive investment in a ready to grab and beautifully presented display.  The tower perch has been channeled so you can insert your original or aftermarket USB cable for docked charging and data transfer.  Once you insert your USB adapter into Glass while docked you can hang Glass upside down from the base and it will not budge making a very solid and secure docking solution!  This base has been designed for reverse docking so depending on your preference you can reverse its direction to meet your needs.  This dock also includes a large slot designed to hold your additional lenses and their cases.  You can also use this base in "Dry Dock Mode" without the tower and still dock your Glass as well as 2 pens and/or other desktop accessories/consumables in the afforded slots.  I have worked and re-worked this design on my 3D printer to get it down to as little plastic as possible to keep the cost/time down when ordering/printing.  I have been using this dock and previous variants at home and work for 3 weeks now and have had no issues with performance nor Glass body damage/markings!  This latest revision has a hollow belly button for production cost savings but also doubles as a port to add weight internally for a more solid docking experience!

This model is ready for 3D print and I have included the model in this Instructable with built-in support for easy printing!  This was printed via a worn out TOM MK6 in 1.75mm ABS on a heated bed with Kapton tape @ 40mm/min for ~8hrs (need to re-work my extruder). No acetone bath and only minimal string clean up on pictured parts.

For convenience I have broken the power tower arm and base into separate files as well for smaller build platforms. The base was originally hollowed out internally to save time and plastic:

Currently there are 4 methods of print:
  • GoogleGlassBaseWithSupport (all parts, hollow base, support included)
  • GoogleGlassBasePro (all parts, hollow base, no support)
  • GoogleGlassBaseOnly (bottom base only, hollow)
  • GoogleGlassBaseSolidOnly (bottom base only, closed body - easier to print)
  • GoogleGlassBaseTowerOnly (top tower only)

If you are wondering about 3D printing and would like to know about how to workflow from design to prototype check out one of my earlier Ibles here:

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    megaduty I am extremely jealous of you. I live in a town of about 2000 total population and have been anticipating Google glass since i caught wind of it i turn 18 in 2 months and really wish Google would consider minors for beta testers. Since Teens will most likely be the largest community of glass owners.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    With the approach of other 3rd party wearable tech for the head coming out, they will need to increase their distribution very soon... I would hope pending no major privacy ramblings from the current explorer units in the wild; Glass access will open up rapidly.

    But, you never know...


    9 years ago

    Nice! Now if I only had a Google Glass to use it with... :)


    Reply 9 years ago

    Hang in there! I know this doesn't help but, THEY ARE AWESOME! lol I'm wearing them right now at work testing some beta Glassware called Genie and will be using them later to record the dismantlement of an HP plotter looking for why it wont boot anymore.