Introduction: Google Home Mini Aux Jack Mod

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If you think Google should have added an Aux Out to the Google Home Mini, then you agree with me!

Well here is how it's done :D

The Google Home Mini Speaker Hack - Aux Out Mod!

This will allow you to add an external speaker or headphones to your Google Home Mini via a headphone jack.

I have to give credits to SnekTek on YouTube for his video on this Google Home Mini Aux Out Mod, as my project is based off his idea.


1x Aux Out Port

1x 300 Ohm Resistor

1x 3K Ohm Resistor


Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

Torx or Flat Bladed Screwdriver

Soldering Iron

Glue Glue (Optional)

Step 1: Make a Coffee!

I find a coffee always helps me focus on projects better :)

Step 2: Remove the Silicone Cover & Bottom Screws

We need to disassemble the unit, but to access the screws, we need to get past the silicone pad on the bottom of it that covers them. It is held on by a very strong adhesive.

The method I seen in the tutorial I watched, used hot water to soften the adhesive - but I don't like the idea of putting electronics near water when it can be avoided, so I used my trusty heat gun - you can use a hair dryer as it will do the same job!

Don't keep the heat direct on one spot, move it around and heat the bottom evenly so you don't burn anything. I demonstrate this correctly in the video tutorial.

Once the adhesive is warm and softened, you can use a flat tool to get under the silicone and slowly separate it from the device. Once removed, set it aside somewhere dust free so you can reapply it at the end with the original adhesive.

You can now use a torx or flat bladed screwdriver to remove the 4 bottom screws. Please read the next step before opening the device!

Step 3: Begin Opening the Google Home Mini

Next we need to open the Google Home Mini but before we do, I would highly recommend referring to the photos or the video to see what it looks like inside and where the cables are, as you could easily damage a cable when you open the device if you are not careful.

There is a ribbon cable held in by a crocodile clip, you will need to lift the pull tab on the crocodile clip first, and then carefully slide the ribbon cable out.

Once the ribbon cable is released, you can unscrew the 4 screws that hold the rest of the unit together. Remove those screws and then be sure to read the next step before you continue to open your Google Home Mini to avoid damage...

Step 4: Continue the Disassembly

Before continuing with the disassembly, observe the photos and see the connection for the speaker. This can be easily torn from the board and is not a simple repair, so carefully lift the speaker and disconnect by gripping as close to the connector as possible and gently pulling on it.

Step 5: Prepare the Resistors and Wires

Now to prepare for the soldering.

First get both resistors, and twist them together at one end, as shown in the photos and trim the wires to a suitable size for the next step.

Next we need to prepare the wires. About half way up the black and red wires you need to remove some insulation. I did this with scissors and have demonstrated it in the video. This is where we will solder each resistor to.

I recommend pre tinning all connections before the next step

Step 6: Circuit & Soldering

I have provided detailed images of how this has been wired up, please comment below if it is hard to understand or watch me solder it together in the video.

You will need to attach the resistors as listed below:

3k Ohm to RED Wire

300 Ohm to BLACK Wire

The resistor ends you twisted together are soldered to the AUX Port Left or Right Channel Connector

GROUND of AUX Port to Speaker GROUND

As this is my first instructable I have done my best to explain the circuit in writing. Again, please comment if you need any assistance or check out the video for more clarity.

Step 7: Prepare the Hole for the Aux Port

You will need to drill a hole for the AUX Port - this will fit nicely between the charger and mute switch if you get a small AUX Port, I however, did not, and had to do a bit more customizing but I got there without too much hassle.

Step 8: Reassemble the Google Home Mini

Now just reassemble the Google Home Mini. The wiring you have added will tuck away nicely in the side of the unit, and you can glue the AUX Port with araldite if you like, I didn't need to as the jack wedged in nicely once everything was screwed back together.

When putting the silicone cover back on at the end - be sure to line up the factory reset dot with the factory reset button on the unit, I forgot about this and it's so annoying having to heat and remove this thing again!! (I have shown this button in the photos)

Step 9: Test & Enjoy the Feeling of Achievement

Now you are ready to test your DIY headphone jack! Plug it in and feel a sense of achievement!

I will note there is a slight delay between the speaker in the Google Home Mini and the external speaker.

If you like the project, or could think of any improvements you would make - add them to the comments below, and you can also see more projects on my YouTube channel: