Introduction: Google Incognito Mode Costume (Fits in a Hat!)

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There's a bit of a story behind this costume. You see, every single year Halloween comes around, I need a costume, but I don't like buying them from the store, like many people out there. That happened again this year. Oh! Also, I always get my costume about 5 days before Halloween (lots of time!), and I'm rather stingy with my cash. I didn't want this year's costume to be another failure like my horrible last year's costume (I don't want to talk about it), so as a last desperate attempt, I went and opened up Google Chrome. Lo and behold, the default tab was somehow incognito! I realized that a costume of the Incognito man would be simple to recreate and would look really good! If I talked about the benefits of this costume, we would be here forever. I have no more to say. On to the supplies!

(Yes, there's a picture of the supplies (not including the suit) in the hat for proof.)


Most of the supplies you may already own or can find at a local dollar store:
- A black fedora (I bought a cowboy hat, for I have no access to a fedora)
- Weak reading glasses with a silver frame
- Black knit gloves
- A black suit coat and dress pants
- Dress shoes
- A white dress shirt
- One of these!

-Reflector tape (Optional.)

Step 1: Poke Out the Lenses

Grab the readers. Using sheer strength alone, push out the two lenses! (If you have prescriptions that look like these readers, you can use those too.)

Step 2: Sew

Put on the mask and try to wear the lens. It slips off because the mask covers your ears! to fix this, mark where your ears are with pins. Sew 2 loops over the pins in a way that the reading glasses will fit in them. Now when you put the glasses on, they stay!

Step 3: Suitcase (optional)

If you want an accessory, you can use a black briefcase. Bam! You have a prop. Extra optional: stick on "search history" to make it obvious that you've gone incognito!

Step 4: Done!

Slap on the clothes and wear your hat, gloves and mask and you're all done! Not too hard, wasn't it?
(If you'd like to be safe at night, wrap some reflective tape around the band of the hat!)

I hope this instructable helped you last minute costume pickers! It was fun to create!

Thanks for reading! :D

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