Google Sites Setup

Introduction: Google Sites Setup

These instruction will show you the basic steps to begin a classroom website using Google Sites.

Step 1: Go to Google Sites

You can either search for Google sites or you can go to

Step 2: User Account

Make sure that you are logged into your school google account before you begin to create your website. This way you can share it with students and parents.

Step 3: Add a Website

Click the + in the bottom right hand corner to open a new template.

Step 4: Title Your Page

Create an inviting title for your classroom website

Step 5: Title Your Site

In addition to titling you page you also need to title your site for saving purposes. You will find the file name in the upper left hand corner of the page.

Step 6: Add Title Image

You can personalize your site by adding an image to the title box. Click on change image and use a picture that is downloaded to your drive.

Step 7: Add Content

Add content to your web-page by selecting text box.

Step 8: Add Welcome Message

The text box with appear below the title box and you can add a welcome message to your home page.

Step 9: Add Additional Pages

By selecting Pages you can add additional pages to your web-page.

Step 10: Create a Teacher Bio Page

On a new page create a bio to introduce yourself to parents and students.

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Thanks for posting your first instructable - I hope you enjoyed the process of documenting and sharing your work !