Google Spread Sheet With ESP8266 Arduino

Introduction: Google Spread Sheet With ESP8266 Arduino

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Nowadays, Every machine has some data to post over cloud and Data has to Analyse and has to record for many purpose. At the same time data should be accessible to the Analyzer as well. This things can be done using IOT concept.
IOT is internet of things which talks with machine and post the data to cloud.

Step 1: IOT With ESP8266

We are going to achive the same using ESP8266(WiFi module).
We will collecting the data and post the data to cloud using ESP8266 and Arduino.

Sensors are connected to ESP8266 and we have programmed the ESP8266 (using Arduino)in such a way that it will take the data periodically and post the data to Google Spread sheet.

Step 2: Following Are the Required Components

Component required:

ESP8266 on Amazon USA

ESP8266 on Amazon UK

ESP8266 on Amazon India

MLX90614 on Amazon USA

MLX90614 on Amazon UK

MLX90614 on Amazon India

Breadboard on Amazon USA

Breadboard on Amazon UK

Breadboard on Amazon India

Step 3: Tutorial

Here is complete tutorial on this project.

Step 4: Code for This Tutorial

Here is the updated code.

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