Googleyezed or Eye Bombing

Introduction: Googleyezed or Eye Bombing

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Faced with a trip to the Coachella Music Festival and meeting a bunch of Ms. Zoid's old friends, I wanted to create an icebreaker. I wondered how I could share my mischievous personality and give them all something to talk about for years to come. I came up with Eye Bombing as a way to connect interactively and as a way to be loved for eternity. The project expanded after our stay in Palm Springs and has been ongoing ever since. This a great idea for shy beings, young-uns or anyone with a sense of humor. Let's get started...

Items Needed:

I find Googley Eyes in a number of places. Michael's always has them and the Dollar Tree usually has them (cheap).

Elmer's School Glue is the best glue because it is non-toxic and can be removed from anything. Glue removal is pretty important because not everyone will be amused by your outstanding and amazing prank.

Use a camera to record your exploits. Wait until you are home from vacation to post the pictures to your social media site (facebook). This way, your victims (I mean new friends) will realize it was you who bombed them and allows them to check their items for eyes they may have missed. The laughs will continue for some time to come.

The video I posted will give you ideas as to where to place your Googley Eyes. Check step 2 for some of my personal favorite photos.

How To:

  • Choose the right size of Googley Eyes for your item.
  • Dab a little bit of glue to the back of the Googley Eyes.
  • Place your eyes in an appropriate (or inappropriate) arrangement.
  • Take a photo of your newly bombed item.
  • Post to your preferred social media site, kick back and enjoy all of your new found friends and deserved fame.
  • Add your photos to the comments below.
  • Create a video of your exploits and post it to YouTube, watch it go viral and reap the rewards with millions of views and fans.

Step 1: A Few Favorite Eye Bombs

These photos are a few of my favorite Eye Bombs. If you do complete this project, please post your photos in the comments section below. Be safe and have fun.

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    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    6 years ago

    This is the facebook page that I share all of my photos on. Feel free to follow for more fun.

    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    6 years ago

    Dang, this one fell flat on it's face. I was hoping more makers would be interested in this project. I've had a ton of fun over the years creating memories.