Introduction: Googly Eyes Planter

My husband was recently gifted a Pilea plant. It's also called "the pass it on plant" because the original plant will grow little sprouts that you can remove from the soil and re-plant in a different container to grow. You're supposed to be able to do this as many times as you want, or as long as the plant is still alive.

My husband's plant started growing sprouts and he needed to replant them. This gave me the idea to add one or two in my classroom, but I had to have a super cool planter. Luckily, I have tons of plastic planters from various activities over the years so I took one of them and decided to cover it in googly eyes--it's kind of a year-round Halloween decoration (I LOVE Halloween).


-Googly Eyes: Lots and lots and lots of googly eyes in different sizes. I ordered these. The only problem with this pack is that some of the eyes are ovals not circles, but the variety of sizes is great.

-Craft glue

-Black paint


-Plant and soil

Step 1: Paint

I started with a black plastic planter, but it didn't seem dark enough so I painted it black and let it dry before I started. If you're using a terra cotta planter or something similar, you may want to paint it first.

Step 2: Googly Eyes

I used craft glue for gluing on all the googly eyes because it dries clear and gives a little extra strength so eyes are not falling off. It's also easy to remove if you make a mistake or want to make adjustments.

I started gluing the different size eyes all over the place, not following any patterns. I realized later that I could make some cool designs with the different sizes, but it was a little too late.

Step 3: Plants!

Gluing on the eyes took several more hours than I expected, but it was relaxing and I think definitely worth it. I have a ton of googly eyes left so I'll probably decorate some smaller planters.

Once everything is dry, add your container soil and your plant.

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