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Introduction: Gopro Dive Mount

This is my instructable on how to make a diving mount for the gopro camera. It can be made from plumbing parts for between £20 and £30 (excluding filter setup).

Step 1: Tools

Tape measure - to measure the length of pipe required

Marker pen - mark where to cut the pipe

Hacksaw - to cut the pipe to length

Spirit level - to check alignment of mount

Step 2: Materials

The following parts are plumbing parts sourced from B&Q for around £10. The dimensions of the parts listed below are just a guide line (what I used) - what dimensions you choose to use are down to personal preference.

3x 40mm corner pieces

1x 40mm t-junction

1x 40mm to 32mm reducer

1x 32mm bung

2meters 40mm pipe

These come in white and black from B&Q (I used white)

Other parts needed are:

1x gopro bar mount (can be found cheap on ebay for around £5 - I used a knockoff not a real one)

silicon sealant (only very small amount needed)

Optional parts are:

1x camera filter (I used a PolarPro switchblade 3 - between £30 and £60)

Spray paint: primer - colour of choice (I used black) - primer (this isn't needed only if you want to spray it)

Step 3:

- Cut the pipe to length (my measurements are a guide line not the exact length so cut about 10 to 20mm longer than stated and check the fit first using a tape measure and spirit level:

- Pipe 1 - top piece (280mm)

- Pipe 2 - side piece (190mm)

- Pipe 3 - side piece with t-junction (176mm)

- Pipe 4 - bottom piece with t-junction (265mm)

- Fit the pipe together - have pipe 1 on the top with the corner sections on each side facing down then add pipes 2 and 3 on either side.

- Fit the final corner and the t-junction onto each side of pipe 4.

- Fit the two pieces together, the smaller side pipe (pipe 2) goes to the t-junction

- Insert the reducer into the t-junction

- Once you are happy with the fit and sure that all the parts are the correct size take it all apart and then reassemble putting a small amount of silicon around the sides of the end of each piece of pipe. (If the pieces don't fit together correctly take apart and cut or sand down the pipes until you are happy with the fit).

- Leave the silicon to dry for about an hour

- Your mount is now finished - everything else is aesthetics. If yo are not painting go to step 3.

Step 4:

- Insure you mount is clean and dry

- Find a suitable place to spray your mount - outside is best

- I found the best way to paint it is to push a stick into the ground and then put the mount onto the stick. The stick going into the open end of the t-junction.

- Add a light coat of primer to both the mount and the separate bung

- Leave to dry for about 15/20 minutes

- Repeat until happy with the the coating (2 or 3 coats)

- Leave to dry for 24 hours once you are finished priming

- Follow the same process used for the primer with you choice of paint

- Added a light coat of paint to both the mount and the separate bung

- Leave to dry for about 15/20 minutes

- Repeat until happy with the the coating (2 or 3 coats)

- Leave to dry for 24 hours once you are finished painting

- Lightly spray the lacquer onto the mount and bung until completely covered.

- Leave to dry for 24 hours

Step 5:

Attach the bar mount to the centre of what's to be the bottom of the mount (one of the longer sides).

Insure it is securely tightened.

Your mount is know finished - you can customize it with stickers (I have added a gopro sticker), and add additional arms to the bar mount to position your camera as you want it (I used one small arm to face the camera forwards).

Step 6: Step 4 (Finished)

Your know finished

Attached your camera to the mount with any filters you want and use!.



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