Introduction: Gopro Helmet Extension Arm.

In this instructable I will show you how to make a GoPro arm extension for your helmet. This will give you an awesome view of yourself while skiing, skating or anything with a helmet.

Step 1: What You Need.

This is what you need:

- 2 alluminium strips (15 x 3 mm, 60cm)

- 2 Goporo adhesive mounts. (I only used the curved once's, you could also use a flat one if that fits better)

- 2 Gopro Quick release buckles. (I've used a J-hook and a flat one)

- 4 Gopro thumscrews. (2 large ones, 1 small one)

- 1 Gopro helmet front mount piece.

- 1 Gopro nut for the camera

- 6 mm drillbit

- Center punch

- Jigsaw

- Sandpaper

- Steel wool

Step 2: Position the Adhesive Mounts and Drill the Aluminium Strips.

It's very important to position the mounts alined (horizontally), otherwise your view will be crooked. Vertical alignment of the strips is important to get a nice view (not only your head or only your feet).

You want to test certain positions on the helmet, keep enough space to make sure that the buckles can be removed from the mount (to make sure that the camera stays in the mount it's better to put them with their face's towards each other's, so when there is a shock on one side it won't come loose). First draw a line with pencil and double check, when you are sure everything is OK you can apply the mounts. It's very important to mount the strip a little upward on your helmet because with the weight of the Gopro will it push your helmet on your forehead.

When you have applied the mounts you can click in the buckles and put the aluminium strips in. Mark with a permanent marker where to drill. Use a center punch to make sure you drill perfectly. I have used a 6 mm drill, this is a little bit bigger than the Gopro's hole's but that give's a little space for if you make a mistake.

Step 3: Customize Cut, Sand and Spray Paint.

Mark with a permanent marker a round shape at the end of the strips. You want a round shape from a safety point of view and look's better to my opinion. You can use a Dremel but I used a jigsaw instead with a metal blade.

I wanted a professional look so I sanded (using sandpaper and steel wool) the whole thing and spray painted it with a clear vanish.

For safety I have also cut the drilled holes into a little V shape so I won't break my neck when I would collapse. Now the aluminum strip will be released from the buckles when you crash.

Step 4: Screw It Together and Enjoy.


Credits to: Mitch Bergsma a.k.a Micbergsma for the original idea on Youtube

also credits to my dad for helping me, bertus52x11

Here is my video of using it while skiing