Introduction: Gopro K'nex Steady Cam

I am going to do two things in this Instructable that all the purists I'm sure will call sacrilege... or at least I always heard one of these was a complete no no with Lego. Glue and Sawing. Just a warning!

Step 1: Gather Materials


Tubing wood, or as shown here aluminium tube.




Elastic band

Phone holder scavenged from selfie stick


Drill bit set

3.8 mm steel rod


Step 2: Build Base for Camera

Step 3: Camera Mount Bolt

For reference purposes only. This was not used in final model.

See how far bolt goes in tripod mount, mark with pen.

Put through centre of camera plate add depth it goes into tripod mount, mark, saw.

Step 4: Create a Smoother Slide

Find a pen that fits snug around k'nex bar.

Drill to good fit.

Step 5: Self Tap

Put a blue piece of k'nex in the drill chuck, high torque, low speed self tap it into the phone selfie stick holder

Step 6: Make the Bracket for the Phone Mount

Step 7: Make Dial

Measure inside of offset hole in pulley/wheel rim.

Find steel rod that fits snugly and cut to size so it fits through cog and pulley

Step 8: Drill and Attach to Central Rod With Washers

Step 9: Stretch Elastic Band Around Washers

Step 10: Adjustments

Mistakes are all part of the learning of design, I thought it would be a good idea to include mine in the Instructable.

The waterproof housing, tripod mount weight and it being a little top heavy all contributed to having to not include them, I could of upped the tension on the elastic band felt it still would of caused problems.

Instead I double sided some velcro to the camera base and took the GoPro out of its case and double sided the counterpart velcro to the bottom of that. Much better

Step 11: Glue

Finally glue all pieces in place to avoid failure and dropping of camera. I left all clips on other side of mechanism as seen in picture unglued so it got be de-constructed for ease of transport.