Introduction: Gorgeous 3D Quilled Flowers and Leaves From Scratch!

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Learn to make these gorgeous and colorful flowers and leaves today, from scratch! I'll also show you how and where you can use em in different projects :)

Step 1: Materials Required

paper strips - colorful
quilling tool

Step 2: Preparation - 3D Flowers

So let's start. For the flower which I am teaching you, we need 15 strips of coloured strips and a few green strips.

We start with rounding all the colours strips of paper, all 15 of them, keep them loose curls and stick them.

Divide them into bunches of 3 and fold them according to the pic above. 2 will be half moons and 1 will be eye shaped.

Use the green strip to stick all of these parts together like I've shown in the pics. And that will make a single petal. Now go on ahead and make all the petals in the same style.. You'll need to be a little patient but trust me, it's gonna be beautiful in the end :)

Once you've arranged the petals properly, take a few shades of green and colored strips and make a tight quilled curl as shown above. Once that's done, put glue on the circle and stick it on the petals.. If you want a 3D effect for the flower, keep it in the palm of your hand and press down the centre with your thumb as shown.

Use as many colors as possible and you can make them however big or small as you want.

Step 3: Leaves - Quilled Leaves and Tendrils

You can use this same method and make green leaves to accompany your flowers.. Add stems to them and make a few tendrils as I've shown here..

Use as many different shades of greens as you can.. They'll make the leaves all the more awesome!

Step 4: Start Designing :)

You can use these flowers and leaves for a greeting card, as fridge magnets, as bookmarks or anywhere you want em :) the possibilities are endless and you'll love em all :) happy quilling!

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