Gorgeous Valentines Day Card

Introduction: Gorgeous Valentines Day Card

This instructable was inspired by a image seen on happyfolding.com. I tweaked it a little to be my own. After all ideas are perfected when expanded from person to person. With a little elbow grease a gorgeous and romantic Valentine card is created. :) Enjoy.

Step 1: Supplies

This is a rather simple project, not many supplies are needed.
I used a thick paper used for painting. It's not as this as card stock but thicker than regular paper. However if you double some regular paper the thickness should be fine.
Other than that glue, scissors, scrap paper, and some sort of colored or fancy paper. I used a memo pad. ($1)

Step 2: Pile of Hearts

Next I used two sizes of hearts and traced a pile of hearts. I followed a pattern but I didn't trace it. I cut out two hearts and drew them in the round-about same places. If you look the top and bottom patterns are different. Cut out the stencils when finished.

Step 3: Trace

Now trace the stencils lightly on the outside of the card. Make sure you have your stencils in the desired direction. In the middle of the card trace a single heart at an angle.

Step 4: Size

Trace the card onto a scratch paper. You will need a flat surface to work with later.

Step 5: Cut It Out

Before you start take note of the two lines in the first picture. Make sure u plan a small amount to leave uncut so that the stencils stays attached to the card. Use a craft knife or scissors to carefully cut along the stencil.

Step 6: The Connection

Close the card and bring the inner flaps together. With a pencil draw a line on each to show where they connect. Cut a niche into each flap so they can slide into each other. Connect them like so. Set this aside for later.

Step 7: Stencils for the Outer Card

Use a couple sized heart stencils to trace onto the colored paper. I cut out about thirty of each size.

Step 8: Two Sides to Each Heart

Make sure u have enough. You can check by covering the front of the card with desired amount then multiplying by four. Glue two hearts together so that all that hearts are now two sided.

Step 9: Bring It All Together

Using the traced card from earlier as a guide, start with the outline, glue one heart at time.

Step 10: Filled With Love

Fill the entire space with hearts.

Step 11: Back Side

Turn your finished half over and align the outer edge so that they will come together evenly. Repeat previous steps glueing one heart at a time.

Step 12: Finish It

Start with the backside of the card. Put some glue on the outer edges of the inner card. Align the heart cover and press into place. Fold the top edges down so they don't interfere with opening the card. Align the front heart cover and glue into place.

Step 13: Finishing Touch

As an optional finishing touch I cut out about 16 tiny hearts and glue them randomly on the outside of the card. Now you are finished. This car will definitely melt away the heart of a loved one. I guarantee it will get you out the doghouse if that be the case. ;p

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