Introduction: Gory Chemistry!!!

Using chemicals from your science teachers closet will freak out your friends and be a great addition to any "Slasher" Halloween costume!!!!

Step 1: Find and Mix Your Chemicals

So the 2 chemicals you will need for this effect you will probably have to ask your science teacher for (or just buy them on Amazon!)

Solution 1:

Iron (III) chloride solution FeCl3 (also known as ferric chloride)

  • you want to make a 0.3M solution
  • Mix 1.22g Iron (III) chloride with 25 ml of water (it should look brown like a medical iodine)

Solution 2:

Potassium thiocyanate solution KSCN

  • you want to make a 0.3M solution
  • Mix 0.73g potassium thiocyanate with 25ml of water (it should be a clear liquid)

Step 2: Prep Your Skin!

Soak a tissue or a cotton ball in the Iron (III) chloride solution and then rub it on your skin where you want the "cut" to be. You'll want a generous amount on your skin.

Step 3: Prep Your Cutting Implement

Next dip or wipe your cutting implement in the potassium thiocyanate solution. You can use practically anything to "cut" yourself. I chose to use blue plastic forceps because they were on the table and available. You could make this effect even more believable by using an old kitchen knife. (just make sure to grind the edge down so its super dull! you dont want to actually cut yourself)

Step 4: I'll Cut You So Bad...

Finally take your cutting implement, that's been dipped in the potassium thiocyanate solution, and drag it slowly over the area of your skin that you wet down with the iron (III) chloride. The reaction between the potassium thiocyanate and the iron (III) chloride makes a dark-red fresh-cut "blood" line. Really play it up by grimacing and acting pained. This makes a great addition to a haunted house or a good Angela costume!! (Bonus points if you get the reference :)


  • Wash area with soap and water
  • Skin can be irritated if left on for long periods of time
  • If you drink it, or get it in your eyes you're gonna have a bad time!
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