Introduction: Governor Filter for Wood-gas Engine

The control system has been designed to optimize the wood-gas supply of the motor. This system suppress the venturi of the carburator which limits the maximum opening in the admission.

The throttle valve has been deported in order to recuperate the condensates created in the low pressure downstream the throttle: it is actionned by a servo-moteur trough a servo-tester connected at the initial angle transmission system. The reaction time constant is then reduced so that the system allows more flexibility in the use wood-gas generator. The connection of the oil breather in the pipe upstream the throttle has the effect or draining the remaining asphalte along the admission pipe in order to limit their deposit. The plans correspond of the Briggs & stratton 5,5 CV but can be extrapoled to other engines.

Step 1: Plans

- initial throttle vale

-servo moteur futaba FP514B

-tester servo

Step 2: Steel Work

- tube 25 /2mm

-steel plate 1,5 mm

Step 3: Assembly

-control the angle transmission whit the throttle: