Introduction: Gps Tracker With Arduino

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This is a small gps tracker made with arduino that can be used on a car, bicycle, motorcycle or any vehicle for tracking its position on a map displayed on a webbrowser.

It updates the coordenades of the object every 10 seconds.

Step 1: List of Materials

  • Arduino Uno/Nano/Micro
  • GPS Neo 6M
  • SIM800L
  • Sim card
  • Booster step-up module
  • Battery 3,7V@2000mAh
  • Hosting with domain name. (For uploading the web files for viewing the map).


  1. Battery must be at least 2000mAh. Sim800L rices peaks up to 2A when broadcasts

Step 2: Diagram

As you can see, only five (5) components are used.

If an arduino micro for 3,3V is used, you can avoid the booster step-up and make this circuit smaller.

Step 3: How It Works?

The GPS Module Neo 6M gets the coordinates (latitude and longitude) send by satellites orbiting the earth.

GPS receiver must be locked on to the signal of at least 3 satellites. With 4 or more satellites in view, the receiver can determine your 3-D position (latitude, longitude and altitude). Generally, a GPS receiver will track 8 or more satellites, but that depends on the time of day and where you are on the earth.

These coordinates are send to web page through the GPRS/GSM Module SIM800L.

The web page receives the coordinates via GET method and store them into a database.

The logic of the application reads these data and updates the location of the marker on the map.

Step 4: Arduino Code

Please, clic here for downloading the files.

If you have any comments, questions or suggesttions please let me know.

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