Introduction: Grab Bot Robot

Hi friends.This is my first instructables. Its a object picking or a grab robot .It has two arms which can lift any cylindrical object.Hope you will like it.Please vote for the contests of author challenge and forms lab.And i am sorry if I have done any mistake.

Step 1: The Materials Needed

  1. chassis[yellow colour]-----------------------2 nos.
  2. yellow dc motors "L" shape 150 rpm------2
  3. White dc motors straight 60 rpm-----------2
  4. Remote set[base+switch plates]------------1
  5. dpdt switches-------------------------------------4
  6. wheels---------------------------------------------4[2 big back,2 small front]
  7. some supporter to join back wheels-------2
  8. metal supporter to attach motors on chassis---2
  9. 7 hole strip-----------------------------------------------2
  10. double angle strip 1*3*1-------------------------------2
  11. double angle strip1*5*1--------------------------------2

  12. 3 hole strip-----------------------------------------------3

  13. angle grider strip 7 hole-------------------------------2

  14. plastic spur gear-----------------2

  15. plastic bevel gear--------------1

  16. axels 7"-------------------------1

  17. 2" small axels--------------------2

  18. brass collar with screw----------------3

  19. motor coupling--------------2

  20. 10 band wire 1.5 metre

  21. black and white wires' pieces

  22. battery caps-----------2

  23. battery---------------2

  24. wire manager--------1

  25. screws+nuts+spacers+tags

  26. crank

Step 2: Attaching Parts to Lower Chassis.

We have to attach the two yellow dc motors to chassis with the wheels.also attach the white dc motor by metal supporter on chassis.The two small front wheels have to be attached or inserted into the chassis holes by an axle.

Step 3: Attach a Stand or Supports to Rest or Keep the Upper Chassis.

on this the upper chassis will move up and down.

Step 4: Making of Hands

Make the hands.Fix the angle girder on the 7 hole strips.then fix a 3 hole strip on the third hole of 7 hole strip.Then attach the hand on the spur gear with 1 hole left between strips[shown in figure].Now insert the axle[2"] down to up from middle hole of gears.Do same for both hands.Attach a 'c' shaped attachment on the angle girder.This will provide grip while lifting.

Step 5: Making of the Upper Chassis.

Attach the white dc motor on the chassis.Then with motor coupling attach bevel gear on motor.Then take a tag and tie it over the shaft of motor.then attach the hands with gears on chassis by the axle with brass collar from downside of chassis.Also tie a tag with the axles.[the tags are used on axels and motor shafts to provide stability]

Step 6: Making the Remote Control.

The making of the remote includes the proper wiring on dpdt switches.The remote control is wired.

Step 7: Attach the Upper Chassis With Lower

keep it on the stand and insert a bar through the holes of chassis and stands' top.also tie the mototr thread with upper chassis strip.

Step 8: Connecting Remote With the Robot Motors.

This work is done by a wire manager.As you can see in images there are four switches.The upper one horizantal is for the hands' motor.The side switches are for both moving or wheel motors.and the middle one is for the up and down of upper chassis.

In the next image the coloured wire are indicated from each of the four switches.Connect them to the wires of respective motors and fix them into the wire manager.

Your robot is ready now.Just attach the batteries in the clips of remotes and rock on.

Step 9:

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