Introduction: Grab'n Go Chai Infusion

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In winter I like to chai-flavor my coffee and tea. However, I don't like putting ground spices into my beverage, I prefer the infusion. I would like to show you how I prep the chai infusion that I have ready in my fridge for whenever I feel like using it.


- saucepan with a lid

- strainer

- 400 ml of water

- a piece of fresh ginger

- 2 cinnamon sticks

- 4 - 6 cloves

- 1 cardamom pod

- 2 pieces of allspice

- 1 bag of strong black tea

- 1 tsp of cane sugar (optional)

Step 1: Infuse

It's really simple. Put the water and all the ingredients except the tea in the saucepan, cover with a lid and boil over small heat for 30 minutes. The infusion will be brownish by then. Add sugar if you want (I don't add it as I find the infusion sweet enough).

Switch off the stove and add the tea to the infusion - it doesn't matter if it's loose dry leaves or a teabag. Let the infusion stand for another 15 minutes.

Step 2: All the Rest

Let the infusion cool down and strain it so you get all the spices out of the liquid. Store the infusion in the fridge, it's good for about 3 days. Add it to your tea or coffee in any amount you like!

Are you pregnant?

Pregnant ladies need to watch their herbs and spices but don't worry, you can drink chai while pregnant. Cinnamon is told to be one of the spices that induce labour but you'd have to eat much bigger amount of it for several days and even then it might not do absolutely anything so don't worry about 2 sticks that you have boiled:)

The ginger is really good if you experience pregnancy sickness, it actually helps your stomach settle (the only thing that worked on me like a charm!). You just need to figure out the right amount for yourself that will help you and not give you heartburn.

As with everything with a strong aroma, chai might make you dizzy when you're pregnant. So you just have to try and see if you can tolerate it's aroma.

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