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I was browsing Pinterest trying to find a DIY graduation card and came across this one . I loved the idea that the denominations of the bills spelled out the year graduating but I didn't like that you could see the money when the card was closed so I modified the card.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

What you'll need:
1- 12 by 12 inch black scrapbook paper
2- 6 by 6 inch cardstock in school colors
2- strands of colored string for tassel
1- piece of scrap black paper
1- small black brad
1- bone folder
1- x-acto knife
1- cutting mat
Double sided tape

Step 2: Fold Outer Structure

To make the body of the card:
1. Fold the 12 by 12 sheet of paper in half.
2. Unfold and fold in the opposite direction.
3. Unfold and fold along one diagonal only.
4. Pinch in the diagonal so that one increased square is on top of another increased square.
5. Use bone folder along edges to get clean creases

Step 3: Make and Attach Tassel

To make the tassel:
1. Line up two colored strings evenly and hold in forefinger and thumb. Hold other end with other hand and fold length in half.
2. Take folded length and fold again and again until it's desired size.
3. Take third piece of one colored string and wrap around about 2/3 inch from all of the loops.
4. Cut the opposite end loops so that they are straight ends.
5. Run wrapped string end through loops.
6. Tie a knot around brad.
7. Poke sharp end of brad through the center of the top of the card.
8. On the inside, spread leads of brad apart to secure tassel.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Note: The inside of the card will be a square diamond.
To finish the card:
1. Cut out small circle out of scrap black paper.
2. Attach to top of brad with double sided tape.
3. Take one 6 by 6 inch sheet and attach with double sided tape along the edges to inside of card to cover up leads.
4. Cut slit in other 6 by 6 inch sheet for money slot.
5. Attach to bottom square with double sided tape along the edges.
6. Personalize with Congratulations message and gift!
For those graduating in 2015, you can use a $20, a $1, and a $5 folded and stacked to spell out class of 2015!

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