Introduction: Graduation Frame

Welcome to the Graduation Frame Instructable

This instructable will show you how to make a simple, time-efficient, and cool looking graduation frame with minimal mess and minimal hassles. All you basically need is cardboard pieces and a few tracing skills to design a cool yet easy to make graduation frame design.

The breakdown of this instructable: Prepping the frame; Tracing the cap and diploma; Finishing the look with some coloring

Materials: Red Cardboard Box for the frame White construction paper Glue stick Colored markers/pencils

Step 1: Preparing the Frame Using the Red Cardboard Box

In order to make the frame, which is a square shaped or rectangular shaped frame, you will need to cut out 4 pieces. These 4 pieces can be as wide and lengthy as you’d like. For this instructable, I cut out by making estimates, but this should really be done with a typical ruler. Cut out one and use the other to cut out similar ones to make sure that all four pieces are alike in size.

Step 2: Gluing the Pieces Together

Now that you have your four pieces cut out, you will need to align them in a square shape so that you can easily make a frame or fit a picture into it. Glue each corner of the cardboard boxes and glue them down.

Step 3: Making Sure Frame Is in Tact

Making sure your frame is in tact is very essential to the success of this project. You must make sure, by using an object that can be pushed down, such as scissors in this case, that the glue sticks by pressing down hard with the scissors or any other object you’d like to use. This will make sure that the project/frame does not break apart. Also, make sure to let it cool down for a bit so that the glue can be as strong as possible.

Step 4: The Making of the Cap

Trace out a cap using some kind of resource from online to trace on such as clipart. Print it out and put it on top of the white construction paper and trace over it. Once done, cut out carefully. Once down with this, you may now begin to color it. Using the colored markers/pencils, color the tassel of the cap yellow and the cap itself black.

Step 5: The Making of the Diploma

Using the clipart from online once again, find a diploma to trace over. Place it over the white construction paper and cut it out. Once cut out, color the middle ribbon red and the rest of the diploma to brown.

Step 6: Gluing Parts Together

Now comes the part of the gluing of the stuff you’ve traced and cut out. Take the finished product of the cap and place it right over the top of the frame. Place it in a position in the way that the person’s picture in the frame will match the cap as in the head placement. Glue the diploma on the right hand side of the frame so that it looks like the picture in the frame/the person is holding the diploma.

Step 7: Finishing Touches/patterns/designs

Using a blue marker, on the bottom of the frame, across from the cap, write the words Grad as dark as you can. Once done, go to the left side of the frame and write the words Congrats sideways with a green marker right under the bottom of the tassel. Once this is done, you can take a purple marker and just put straight lines in the empty spots to add a cool design to the frame.

Step 8: Step 8: You Have a Finished Graduation Frame!!!

Congratulations, you now have a finished product! Make sure to clean everything up and to wash your hands right after to make sure that the glue and marks of the marker are off your hand. Have fun and enjoy!