Introduction: Graffiti Marker HACK Made From a Glass Marker

Make a mop marker from glass markers. used on car windows....i make it fun and easy!!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

to do this you will need...
1:glass marker (you can get this from just about any craft store used for writing on car windows.)
2:needle nose plyers
3:butter knife
CAUTION this may get messy black paint on your table/workspace but its washible.

Step 2: Taking the Top Off

Use the plyers to spin the top.
after you have spun it wedge the butter knife in the crack and push the top up.

Step 3: Wedge the Butter Knife

wedge the butter knife in the crack and push up making the top come up and off.

Step 4: Peice of Plastic in Nib

Now that you have pulled the tip off you see that there is a peice of plastic in the tip that is spirial. This is so that it pushes the mop up and why you have to push the tip down for paint to come out. But if you take it away paint run free when you squeeze the tube.

Step 5: Put the Tip Back In

Now that you have taken the peice of plastic out you can now put the tip back in.


ok now your done. now paint the world. go get your tag up...put your name out there! just dont get caught! oh and if you looking for good recipes for inks and paints to fill your new homemade marker look for my next instructable and paints?? but until then experiment..make your own and always...HAVE FUN!