Introduction: Grammar Sense Self-Study - How to Start

Grammar Sense 1 is recommended for CEFR Level A1 and A2 English students.  Buy the second edition with the access code for online practice and audio download.

Step 1:

This tutorial will show you how to set up the online practice and audio download.

Step 2:

Turn to the last page in the book for the online practice access code and the registration instructions.

Step 3:

Go to and click on Register.

Step 4:

Click on REGISTER.

Step 5:

Check the box 'I agree to the Terms of Use.'  And, click I AGREE.

Step 6:

Scratch the access code, and enter the access code in the boxes.

Step 7:

Enter your personal information and click next.

Step 8:

Make sure it's Grammar Sense 1 and click 'YES'.

Step 9:

For self study, do not join a class.  Click 'SKIP'.

Step 10:

Review your information, and click 'LOG IN'.

Step 11:

Click on the book picture.

Step 12:


Step 13:

For online practice, read the instructions, do the exercise and choose 'CHECK ANSWERS' or 'TRY AGAIN'.

Have fun and thank you for viewing this Instructable.  -Jamie