Introduction: Gran Turismo 5 Tips: Money/Exp.

Right, all of us have been waiting for a long time to play Gran Turismo 5. But, all this waiting is frustrating and once you have the game it is still frustrating having to play for hours on end just to get slightly further in this extremeley large game.
You have to earn 1. Exp. and 2. money. However you need surtain amounts of Exp. for surtain cars.
It has already been mentioned alot of times but it is so good i thought it would be great to tell you guys.

This is a great method of gaining money and Exp. fast!

Step 1: You Will Need:

First of all, it is not a cheat but a better way of doing things.

You will need:
1.the game of course

2.a fast enough car - If you complete the (B-spec ameteur NR-A Roadster cup lv.6) you win the Mazda Furai Concept (step pic)

3.To be of Lv.17 

Step 2: Lots of Money and Exp.

When you have all those things you have to

1.enter theA-spec expert Turbo Challenge Lv.17

2. win 36,000cr. and 1650 Exp.+ :D - you will win this amount each and every time you enter and complete it.

Step 3:

Thanx for looking please comment and i hope this helps. It sure helped me.

Please guys, if you find out any more stuff about it say so and tell others. Get all the tips, hints and cheats out there in the world.

Sorry if it wasn't great, first publish and i did it on the laptop. Stupid slow incompitant laptop!
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incompitant. I like that word