GranDow - Simple Multilanguage Digital Clock

Introduction: GranDow - Simple Multilanguage Digital Clock

My grandmother keeps forgeting about the day of the week for her pills. Unfortunately all digital clocks I can find showing the day of the week are in english. This simple project with just 3 components is cheap, easy to build, and I hope it will help other grandmothers or inspire you.

Step 1: Supplies

This project cost me about ~15 dollars with clones, the price will change depending where you buy.

  1. Arduino UNO,
  2. LCD display, I had a lcd shield laying around but you can use any LCD,
  3. RTC ds3231 and Battery,
  4. Soldering Iron
  5. Cables

Step 2: Wiring

RTC ds3231 > Arduino

VCC > 5V

I decided to solder the rtc cables to the arduino for space, and because of the shield, but it is not necessary.

LCD > Arduino

In my case I have a shield so I just connected the shield to the arduino, if you have a seperated lcd, I recommend following the arduino official guide and change the values of the pins in the code.

If it's the first time using a LCD, if the LCD doesn't show any values after uploading code, remember to rotate the potentiometer.

Step 3: Upload Code

There is a settings sections, just define your language and LCD pins and should work. Some languages dont have enough space to show the time to the second, so you can change the variable showSeconds to false.

Feel free to add your own languages and change the code.

Link to GitHub


Step 4: Place Electronics in a Box

Find a box to place for your electronics or create one with a 3d printer. My box is from cardboard and it was not the best option, in the future I'm planning to create a 3d printed box and I will update the instructable and github.

Hope this guide helps!


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