Grand Duchess Anastasias Crown

Introduction: Grand Duchess Anastasias Crown

Making a beautiful crown doesn't have to be a grand endeavor! With a few simple steps and materials you can be a grand duchess too!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

You'll need:
- flexible measuring tape
- paper to make your pattern
- pencil and a Sharpie
- craft foam
- polyurethane
- scissors
- (np)glue (I used epoxy any strong glue will do!)
-(np) mod podge
- gray paint
- optional: rhinestones
-Optional: ribbon

Step 2: Measure and Draft

Measure your head (mine is 22")
Using the reference picture draft your crown by the half using the half measurement (so mine is 11").
Try to follow the shape and see how tall you want the crown to sit! Mine is 6 1/2".

Step 3: Trace and Cut!

I used a Sharpie to trace and cut the crown, the Sharpied side will be the back side for ease. Cut and place side by side to make sure they match.

Step 4: Glue and Gloss

I used a quick setting epoxy and dabbed it along the inside edge and pressed together. I used a light tape to hold it together so it would come off easy (scotch brand tape), once glued firmly I used an old paint brush to brush on the semi gloss polyurethane.
This will help stiffen it and keep it's shape. When I applied it on one side it did curl but apply to both sides and it will flatten. I did about 3 alternating coats.
It also helps to just take a piece of craft foam and test it all together!
(np)Make sure to add a ribbon or some more foam across the inside in a strip across the center to have something to Bobby pin our clip to your hair or wig!

Step 5: Paint, Glue and Gem/glitter!

Paint the back of crown first, in the movie it's a dull matte gray, i think white on the back is a little unreal so it didn't hurt, I tried painting and using it as adhesive for the glitter with grimy results, so using white craft foam was the best option, after painting with acrylic gray, mix epoxy in small amounts, take tweezers and evenly distribute gems. I put a tiny bit if epoxy on my metal tweezers to make them tacky and grab gems. I used 3mm crystal clear gems. Over 2000! If you want to glitter, Mod podge as evenly as possible, it's best to do little sections at a time with a spare paper to cover areas to make it easier and with thin lines. Cover with glitter! this crown can never have enough sparkle! after the paint is dried add the strips of velcro to the thin back strips one on the outside (this strip will go under) and one on the inside (this strip will go over and it will be the one you gem to the end! )

Step 6: Seal the Glitter or Gems!

If you don't seal the glitter in you will have glitter all over you all the time :(
Mod podge is also a sealant, place some in a separate disposable cup so you don't get glitter in your mod podge! Try to softly and evenly cover and let dry. Or use a spray sealant. For the gems you can get small amounts of epoxy or glue and try to place in between the gems for a solid hold.

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