Introduction: "Pocketmod" Storybook ( #4)

About: Grandma Van uses the Instructables website to share little print-and-mail books. Once in a while, she has other fun things to share.

There are many variations of this process on the Instructables website, but I think mine is the only one to give you CONTENT for the little mini-book!

I learned how to make this kind of book many years ago, but I couldn't recall the exact steps, so I searched the Instructables website and quickly found instructions. (I gave credit to that source in Step 1.)

Much later, when I started to "tidy up" my Instructables and give them a more uniform appearance, I found a very old Instructable that called this type of book a "Pocketmod." That instructable, and many others, featured links to the PocketMod website.

I clicked the link, and learned that the PocketMod developer had set up a Kickstarter fund to update the website. I quickly joined in, although the project was already funded.

I just LOVE being a part of the Instructable community!

Step 1: Print. Make First Fold.

Print the PDF.

Make a "hotdog fold" down the center of the page, as shown.*

* Thanks to LydiaH19's Instructable, which was the first I found when I searched for a reminder of how to make this kind of book. I am copying the use of the terms "hotdog fold" and "hamburger fold!"

Step 2: Second Fold.

Make a second fold, this time "hamburger fold."

Step 3: Third Fold.

Make a third "hamburger fold."

Step 4: Open. Cut.

Open up the paper and make a "hamburger fold."

Cut as shown.

Step 5: Open and Re-fold.

Open up the paper again.

Make another "hotdog fold" so that the printed side is out.

Step 6: Align the Pages.

Set the paper upright and squeeze together until the cut portion forms a square.

Continue to squeeze inward so that the cover and the first page are back to back and the green bug page and the three-bug page are back to back. I have added clips on these pages in the illustration, but clips are not needed.

Step 7: Make the Pages Form an "x."

Here's another angle so see how the pages line up.

Step 8: Flatten the Pages. Crease.

Flatten the booklet with the pages shown on top.Crease everything as tightly and evenly as you can.

Step 9: Fold Into Final Position.

Now fold the flattened pages into a final "hamburger fold." Crease.

Step 10: (Optional) Fasten Together the "insides" of the Pages.

I like to add a piece of double-stick tape (or a scrapbook mounting square) to prevent pages from opening up.

A glue stick could also be used.