Grandma Williams Hap Shawl

Introduction: Grandma Williams Hap Shawl

About: 60 year old grandmother who has been knitting for 50+ years. Work in a greenhouse 10 months out of the year. Husband is a truck driver and I travel with him when the opportunity arises.

My husband ask me to knit his mother a shawl. Knowing that she would never use one, I decided to knit a hap shawl. Using three patterns from Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting, I came up with this shawl. It is knit from Lion Brand sport weight wool ease yarn. Grandma uses it as a nap afghan as it is 5 feet square. The wool ease gives it a nice wool feel and look but it can be laundered without worrying about felting.

I loved working with the sport weight yarn and was disappointed when it was discontinued.

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    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    A hap shawl, the easy way, is to knit the middle, pick up stitches around the outside of the middle square, then knitting on a border. The way the Shetlanders did it was to start from the outside in, which I have never tried.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with you about the sport weight yarn, it was a shame it was discontinued. Ah well - by the way I love the shawl.