Introduction: Grandma’s Never Fail Cookies - Tasty & Very Easy

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This recipe has been a family favorite for well over 60 years. My Grandma, Violet, would make these for all the family gatherings. She also made this when their friends chartered a bus trip to Reno, Nevada for a long day of gambling and fun. When I say she brought them for the bus trip, I mean she made enough for EVERYONE on the bus to have several each!

Grandma may be gone now, but tasting one now brings back memories! They are simple and quick to make, and everyone from kids to adults will love them.

Step 1: Ingredients and Kitchen Tools…

Like I said, these are so easy to make. It only takes 7, but I prefer 8 ingredients.

2 Cups Flour

1 Cup Granulated Sugar

1/4 Tsp Salt

1 Tsp Baking Soda

1 Tsp Vanilla

1 Egg

1 Cup Shortening

Almond or Walnut Halves (Optional)

The tools required are pretty basic too. While parchment paper and a cookie dough scoop are optional, once you've used them, you'll never consider them as optional! The parchment paper keeps the cookies from sticking to the pan which keeps them looking nice and not crumbly. It also makes cleaning the cookie sheet so much easier.

The cookie dough scoop keeps your hands cleaner and helps make all of the cookies the same size. I found that I like a cookie dough scoop that makes about 1-1/4" diameter balls. Adjust this depending on the size of the cookies you like.

You will also notice that I am using a round cookie sheet. OK, well it's really a 12" pizza pan... Anyway, my normal oven is old and not a convection oven. My newer over range microwave oven is also a convection oven. By using a round pan, it will rotate on the turntable AND create the most evenly baked cookies you can imagine!

Oven or Toaster Oven (Optional - Convection oven)

Mixing bowl

Heavy duty spoon

Measuring Spoons

Measuring Cups

Cookie Sheet

Cookie Dough Scoop (Optional)

Parchment Paper (Optional)

Step 2: Let’s Mix!...

Hand mix the dry ingredients, then stir in the liquids and shortening until well blended. Do not use a powered mixer because it changes the consistency of the dough which will make it flatten out more when baking. Yes, I learned this the hard way! While it didn't change the flavor, I prefer chunkier cookies!

This mixing step should only take about 3 to 4 minutes. Remember, I said this was a quick and easy recipe!

When this is fully mixed, the dough looks a little dry but it still will hold together in a ball.

Step 3: Prepare to Bake...

Using a baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper on it. Place 1-1/4" balls of dough spaced out at approximately 3-1/2” to 4” centers. Dampen a fork with water and press down to leave an imprint on top of the dough. Now lightly press an almond or half walnut meat onto the center of the cookie.

Step 4: Lets Bake!...

Preheat your oven to 350 Degrees F

Bake for about 14 minutes (adjust as needed for your oven and elevation) – just so they expand and the dough slightly darkens. When fully baked, they will have a light crunch.

A single recipe will make about two dozen cookies.

Step 5: Time to Share and Enjoy!

Allow to cool, share, and Enjoy!...

As I said above, adding the nut is optional. Sometimes my Grandma would use a half walnut or she even substituted the nut with a maraschino cherry that was cut in half and allowed to slightly dry out before being placed on top. For me, I preferred the nuts…. The choices are up to you.

If you make this recipe, please come back and leave a message. It would mean a lot to me to receive a “Thank you Grandma!” From everyone that enjoys this recipe!

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