Introduction: Grandma's Stationary Box

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When I was growing up my grandmother always kept a stationary box filled with all sorts of pretty things to write with.

This box of treasures was always a source of fascination. There were special pens and writing implements, lacy paper with feminine designs, special stamps, little wax candles and stamps to imprint a special seal, even a tiny bottle of perfume for those extra special ones and anything else you would want to send the kind of letters that would be cherished and remembered.

This is my version of Grandma's Stationary Box.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

Premade Cardboard Box
Cardstock Quality Preprinted Paper
Plain Cardstock Colored Paper
Paper Trimmer or Scissors
Gorilla Glue
Craft Stick for spreading Gorilla Glue
Clamp Type Paper Clips

Things to fill your Stationary Box with.

Step 2: Applying Gorilla Glue

When gluing in sections on the box run a bead of Gorilla Glue across the middle of your project. Use a craft stick to spread the Gorilla Glue over the surface as evenly as possible. You will be using this method throughout the project.

Let sit for a few minutes to become tacky. Have a cup or something handy to stand the stick in when not in use so it does not get glued to your work surface.

Step 3: Plan Your Design

Get the inside and outside dimensions of your box. Because the cardboard is thicker than paper the two will vary slightly and you need to include a little extra room for the thickness of the edges.

Taking into consideration of how you want to design your stationary box trim the cardstock paper you plan to use to meet the dimensions of your box.

Step 4: Start With the Inside of Your Box

Following the gluing instructions and starting with the inside of the box smear some Gorilla Glue around the sides and a little at the bottom to apply the decorated cardstock paper to. We will cover the bottom of the box later.

Cut and fold the decorated cardstock to come up about 1/2 inch short of the top rim of the box and to set about 1 inch on the bottom. Press all pieces into place. Allow adequate drying time before continuing.

Step 5: Cover the Outside of Your Box

Cut the pieces for the outside of your box, leaving enough extra for folding over to the inside and just covering the edge of the decorated cardstock on the inside.

Add Gorilla Glue to the outside and apply two pieces of decorated cardstock on opposite sides of the box.

Fold the top edges over to the inside of the box, lift and apply a small amount of Gorilla Glue and press to the inside of the box, smoothing from the center outward.

Repeat for the other two sides.

If you have pieces that doesn't lay as flat as you would like use a clamp type paper clip to hold it in place while you work.

Let your box dry for a while.

Step 6: Make Your First Divider

Lay your stationary envelopes on a piece of plain cardstock, measure and mark about 1/4 inch extra above the top of the envelope.

Measure inside the box to the line where the decorated cardstock is folded over.

On the plain piece of cardstock, above the line where you marked the envelopes, mark two fold over lines equal to the inside box measurement. Fold all three lines.

Run a line of Gorilla Glue along the top of the plain cardstock and along each fold line. Press the center lines together and then press into the box starting at the widest section.

If the plain cardstock does not cover the entire bottom cut an extra strip of cardstock, Gorilla Glue it and press into the uncovered area

Step 7: Make Your Cross Divider

Repeat this process in step six to cut another divider in the opposite direction.

Cut a notch halfway across the plain cardstock to match the line of the divider piece already in place.

Cut a second notch in the first divider in the same manner to match where the edge of the stationary envelopes will be.

Slide the dividers together to ensure a good fit. Remove the second divider, add lines of Gorilla Glue and press into place.

Step 8: Cover the Lid

Cover the lid inside and out in plain cardstock.

Cut a piece of decorated cardstock to fit the top and Gorilla Glue it in place.

Step 9: Fill Your Stationary Box With Goodies

Fill you stationary box with the essentials, note cards, postcards, pens, stamps, white out, etc.

Your Stationary box is now ready to enjoy.

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