Grandmother's Home Remedies From the Kitchen and Backyard




Introduction: Grandmother's Home Remedies From the Kitchen and Backyard

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When we were kids, our grandmother used to treat us with items from the kitchen shelf for minor ailments. They mostly cured us of the ailment like stomach upset, burning urination, bee stings, cough and all. They were very simple and they worked. There was only one Doctor in our home town then and visits to the doctor was when we were very ill.

These are some of grandmother's home remedies from the kitchen shelf and the backyard. Hope you will find them useful.

Step 1: Burning Urination

Children love to play outside, even in hot burning sun... and grown-ups need to work under the open sun sometimes which causes dehydration and subsequent burning urination...

A simple remedy by grandmother for burning urination is to make us drink glasses of hot water...!!!

Boil water and drink one or two glasses of hot water. The water can be as hot as possible to drink like coffee or tea. Within five to ten minutes you will find relief from burning urination

Step 2: Cough

Ginger juice mixed with honey is one of the most common remedy advised by grandmother for cough.

  • Take a piece of ginger and remove the skin
  • Extract the juice using a mixer grinder
  • Leave this extract undisturbed for about ten to fifteen minutes
  • Drain out the juice.
  • You will find a white paste-like deposit at the bottom. Discard this deposit
  • Mix a spoonful of honey (or sugar) and drink

Step 3: Stomach Upset

For stomach upsets and loose motion, we used to take a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and swallow it with drinking water two or three times in a day, which normally cures stomach upset and loose motion. Curd rice or rice kanchi (Rice Cereal with lots of liquid) is the menu during stomach upsets.

Step 4: Acidity and Gas Problem

Here is the grandmother's remedy for acidity and gas problem

What you need

  • Half a fresh lemon
  • One teaspoon of baking soda
  • Salt to taste (optional)
  • One glass of drinking water

Squeeze out the juice from the lemon. Add salt and lemon juice to the glass of water. Add one teaspoon of baking soda, stir and drink the bubbling water immediately.

Step 5: Bruises and Cuts

Cuts and bruises were normal in children. Apply a small amount of turmeric powder over the bruise. The wound will be cured within few days.

Step 6: Sore Throat

Playing in the dust and eating things like raw mangoes or raw tamarind fruit some times cause very sore throat. Our grandmother used to bring a burning wood and asked us to spit on it and inhale the vapor. The relief from sore throat was instant.

Step 7: Ear Ache

For ear ache, collect a raw bark from the stem of a Banana tree and heat it over flame. Squeeze out the juice and add few drops in your ear. You will find relief from ear ache.

Step 8: Ear Infection

Keeping a garlic clove in your ear will give relief to ear infection. Do not shuck the garlic, which may cause burns in your ear.

Step 9: Kidney Stone

Collect the edible stem of the banana tree. You can find a matured stem after harvesting the banana. Cut the stem into small pieces. Using your mixer grinder, extract the juice.

Drinking this juice is a sure remedy for kidney stones. You can add a little bit of salt if you feel like.

Step 10: Bee Stings

When you are stung by a bee, do not panic

  • Simply remove the bee and let it fly away (anyhow it will die after stinging)
  • The bee's stinger will remain in the area where you are stung
  • Do not press. Just pull out the stinger. You can use a nail cutter or a needle
  • You will find little swelling in the area
  • Cut an onion into half
  • Rub over the area where you got stung

You will get relief shortly.

Step 11: Puffy Eyes

For puffy and reddish eyes, pluck a fresh crape jasmine flower and keep it on your eyes. This flower is known to have medicinal properties and will cure puffy and reddish eyes. Take care that the milky juice from the stem do not get in to your eyes.

Step 12: Lice Problem

Grandmother used to make this paste from custard apple seeds to get rid of lice

  • Collect custard apple seeds
  • Crush them into a powder. It is very difficult to make a fine powder of the dried seeds.
  • Add little water and make a workable paste
  • Apply this paste on your hair before going to bed
  • Wash thoroughly in the morning
  • Three to four applications of this paste will get rid of all lice from the hair.

A word of caution here...

Custard apple is a very tasty fruit, but the seeds are toxic. So, take care to cleanly wash all equipment you have used to make the paste. Also take care not to get this paste in your eyes or mouth.

Step 13: Blocked Nose

Blocked nose or nasal congestion may be due to cold, fever or allergies and you may find it very difficult to breath. Here is a simple home remedy used by grandmother to clear nose blockage.

  • Take a grain of black pepper and insert a needle in it
  • Hold the black pepper over flame
  • Inhale the pepper smoke
  • Your nose blockage will be cleared instantly

Take necessary treatment for the ailment you are suffering from which caused the nasal congestion.

Step 14: Diarrhea

For  diarrhea, we used to take roasted cumin seed powder with buttermilk.

How to make buttermilk

  • Take one cup of curd and add equal amount of water
  • Beat the mixture well in a mixer grinder. Do not over do, or the butter will melt
  • Remove the butter from the top
  • Butter milk is ready
  • Take a Teaspoon of cumin seeds and lightly roast them
  • Powder the roasted cumin seeds

Drink roasted cumin seed powder with buttermilk. You can drink as much buttermilk as you like. It will make up for dehydration. You can also add sugar or salt to your own taste.

Step 15: Indigestion

A simple cure for indigestion

Take about half a teaspoon of asafoetida powder, mix with one glass of water and drink. This will solve the indigestion problem.

Take light food only. Normally we used to take Rice Kanji (Homemade Rice Cereal) when we are suffering from stomach problems.

Step 16: Your Kitchen Shelf Is a Small Medicine Cabinet

Grandmothers used to find remedies for most of the ailments from the kitchen shelf and from the plants in the backyard. Most of these home remedies were forgotten and buried with grandmothers. Hope you will find these recipes useful. I Wish to update this instructable whenever I come across such home remedies in future also.

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    4 years ago

    Any cure for constipation? My daughter has a problem passing motion. Thanks


    Reply 4 years ago

    These are some of the tips to overcome constipation

    1. Drink lots of water. In the morning when you get up take a glass of warm water
    2. Include fibrous vegetables and lightly cooked green leaves in your diet regularly
    3. Eating fruits like apple with its fibrous skin is also very helpful
    4. One must answer nature's calls whenever they feel like and should not postpone

    Hope this will help


    6 years ago

    These are interesting but please PLEASE do not think that a bee or insect sting cannot be a very serious even life threatening thing. IF you have any sort of problem BREATHING or if you have SWELLING of any part other than the immediate area around the sting--GET TO AN ER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . If your lips turn WHITE or BLUE--go to the ER. If some one faints after being stung--get to the ER.

    It's not the first sting of your life that usually gets a reaction; that just sensitizes the histamine in your body to react TO the next sting. And different insects and different stages of their lives can give you a different reaction.

    If you are allergic or very sensitive to metals; particularly NICKLE---you probably also have an insect sting allergy. No one knows why.

    ALSO--do not mess with kidney stones; I nearly died when I had two that blocked the tubing and caused a massive infection and septic shock. I too thought Oh; this is the same as the last one which was PAINFUL but hey--I lived thru it. I almost did not live the second time and had to be airlifted out to a hospital for stents and intensive care. The preventive for them is KEEP DRINKING. More than you think you possibly can if you are like most people! A wet kidney is a happy kidney!


    6 years ago

    My other half really smashed his thumb in the car door last week. Much cussing & swearing ensued, as usually does when one injures sensitive appendages :-)

    As soon as we got home, I applied 1 drop of lavender essential oil directly to his thumb nail, followed by a mix of arnica & comfrey oils. Applied twice a day for 2-3 days, the bruise that started forming has disappeared & his thumb feels normal. His thumb nail is also fine, so it won't be falling off like we initially thought it would. I did exactly the same thing when I broke my big toe, which healed things up very quickly & effectively.

    I'd highly suggest these oils for any bruising/smashed or crushed fingers & toes, or for bruising anywhere else on the body.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you for the information...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Good I am an INDIAN & I like home or kitchens aid most rather then Doctor medicine. Its join new helpful TREATMENT in my Knowledge.
    Thank you sir..!!!
    I hope that I See you whit another good InstructableS...


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thank you... you can also browse through my other instructables as well

    Congratulations sir, made it to the finals! I wanted to ask you- did you actually get stung by a bee? it (in the picture) looks so real!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thank you Muhaiminah Faiz... it is real... I just wanted to show that being stung by a bee is not so bad as you think.. Our garden is full of honey bees but they never attack unprovoked. And the remedy really works


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you can also see the latest update... the bee sting healed after two days