Introduction: Grandpa Makes a Bat Signal Nursery Light

Fun and easy to make BAT Signal.
But you can use any decal and it will shine the outline on the ceiling.

Step 1: Bat Signal Materials

Here is what you need:
1. Compact mirror from Walgreens $8
2. 4 x magnifying glass from $8
3. 1" batman decal from eBay $2
4. Nursery night light that does not shine light on ceiling. I built mine from wood and an old lamp - led bulb was used

Step 2: Installation

Attach the decal to the mirror.
Mount mirror at 45 degree angle to light source ( light should shine up on ceiling but not yet focused) . Remove outer case from magnifying glass. (Note - not all magnifying glasses are what they claim).
Play with the mirror and the magnifying glass until you get a sharp focused bat signal - good luck all!