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I think that the main motive of a party is to make any moment or an event memorable, So in this Instructables, I am going to show you how I celebrate my 1000 subscriber milestone on YouTube by making a play button for the channel. Most of the people celebrate their achievement by doing party and other stuff to make that moment memorable but I am not a party-loving person so I choose a different way to award my self with a play button for this achievement. The time when I reach this milestone that was an awesome feeling. Most of us who choose YouTube as a career definitely have the same feeling when they cross the subscriber milestone goal because that was the early stage and it is very difficult to get every single subscriber and the time taken for these initial subscriber count is way too much. YouTube has no such rule for giving a play button on this milestone but I decided to make one for the memories. I searched the internet and saw that with what material play button wasn't made and I found granite was also on that list. So the journey begins. There is not too much work involved in this project so I think anyone can easily do this. Now I am close to 10000 and definitely going to build something but didn't choose the material yet. That's the future build now focus on this one if you have any suggestions then feel free to post your comments and feedback.


Material Used

  1. MDF Piece (for making the box)
  2. Plexiglass 4mm
  3. Paint
  4. Two-Part Epoxy
  5. Granite
  6. Permanent marker red and black
  7. Epoxy resin with white pearl powder

Tools Used

  1. Marble Cutting Saw( you can use regular wood saw but with diamond blade)
  2. Diamond grinding wheel
  3. Diamond Polishing Pad
  4. Angle grinder
  5. CNC( you can use the vinyl cutter, I don't have that so I use this)
  6. Drill machine

Step 1: ​Printing and Cutting the Basic Shape.

The first thing in this overall build is to print out the play button and it needs to be the same dimensions which are actually sent by the officials. All the dimensions kept the same as the officials have. Then I choose the material which is granite. The construction decided to be layered because there is a triangle piece in the button which is slightly recessed down. The first thing to do is cut the template and glue it onto the material since its a two-part the construction that's why there are two templates. Then with the help of marble cutting saw I start the cutting process of button shape. I tried not to follow that contour too tightly because that's the outer periphery and can be tuned out easily. For the second granite, I draw the layout of inside triangular piece and scribe the design with carbide scriber. Then I cut that piece from the middle because there is no way to do it by entering from the inside. First I cut down the one side straight and then cut the V portion. Be careful while cutting that v and make sure not to exceed too far, so it's better to stop earlier. Then I mix two part epoxy and glued both of them together.

Step 2: ​Carving the Button Shape

Once the epoxy cures it's time to start the carving. I hold it into the vice and with 30 grit diamond wheel starts the carving process. First, bring it into a rectangular shape and then followed by that bevelling process. With some diamond file, the triangle portion is also dressed up.

Step 3: ​Polishing

Once all the carving done the surface become uneven. Then to do the polishing process I start from the 60 grit and then gradually increases the grit size up to 2000 grit. After that, I buff it with buffing compound and buffing wheel just to remove the fine scratches and you can definitely notice that difference of this process. During the polishing process, I used plenty of water to keep the polishing pad cool during that process.

Step 4: ​Pouring the Resin

For the inner triangle, I use polyurethane resin and add some white pearl pigment to it so that it enhances the contrast. The inner button is really highlighted around that black granite.

Step 5: Cutting and Painting

To build the enclosure for the button I cut down pieces from the MDF and make a box shape. For the joints, I use mitre joints which are cut onto my mitre saw. To enhance the beauty of the box I decided to give it a two-tone look. First I do the priming process and then do the two coats of silver Sudan pearl and golden pearl onto it and it looks really beautiful. For the top, I am using a piece of plexiglass so that the button could be visible.

Step 6: ​Assembling

Once everything thing is done I start the assembling process of the play button. First I mix two-part epoxy and then carefully glueing all the pieces together making sure that side will remain in square. Before glueing the final side of that rectangular section I insert the plexiglass and then glued the final side. I didn't find anyone who can cut the letters for me so I decided to use my CNC to do that work and carve the letter in a mirror way. So that when it's gonna flip that will become normal and the characters are written in the same font which has been written by the team YouTube. Although they use vinyl for the details or maybe paint technique but mine is machined. Then to colour them I filled them with black permanent marker ink and wipe down the excess and now the characters are completely readable. Half of the YouTube logo coloured in red like the original one. I also glued the button to the back of the box by stripping the paint from that area tiny bit and then apply two-part epoxy and glued the button by making sure that it remains completely centred. Then install the backing with the screws and finish it.

Step 7: ​Admire Your Work & Keep Following Your Dreams

The finale is all about admiring your works and I think these kinds of things always remind you about the past. You can't deny that these achievements are inspirational and always forces you to do work hard to achieve your dreams and I glad that I followed my dreams and community like Instructables always motivates you to get better and better in your field.

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