Introduction: Granny Knot Zipper Pull

This easy to tie zipper pull is based on the granny knot.

It also makes a nice pocket knife lanyard

This is a different way of tying the "two strand lanyard knot presented in my instructable:

Step 1:

Take the left hand end and fold it to the right, forming a bight.

Step 2:

Bring the other over to the left and go down under, over through the bight.

Step 3:

Bring the same end up - under, over (through the bight).

Step 4:

Bring the end around the as shown completing the granny knot.

Note: It has ben pointed out that this is actually the grief knot. It resembles the granny knot but the ends emerge from the knot diagonally opposite each other.

Since that factor has nothing to do with the operation of the knot I will stay with the granny knot name.

Step 5:

In the next two steps

1. Bring A around the two upper strands and up through center of the knot.

2. Bring B around the two lower strands and up through center of knot.

Step 6:

A around and up.

Step 7:

B around and up.

Step 8:

As you are tightening you will have to nudge bights so they lie closer together. In this photo A should be pushed towards B to lie in the groove seen between them.

Step 9:

Continue tightening.

Step 10: