Granny Square Creature

Introduction: Granny Square Creature

I wanted to see if I could make a amigurumi/stuffed animal type thing using only granny squares. This is the result.

Step 1: What You Need

2 very small granny squares
1 small granny square

2 medium granny squares

1 large granny square

1 extra large granny square

Note: Each square is only one row larger than the previous size one.

2 Half granny squares - I chose to do mine like half circles, but half squares would work just as well.

Yarn needle


Thread for eyes (I chose to just use buttons, but you could also do simple thread eyes instead.)
^ You'll probably want a smaller needle for the eyes. I forgot to include that in the picture.

Step 2: Wings

Using the two medium squares and the one large square, stitch the wings together with the larger square in the middle.

Step 3: Spikes on Wings

Attach the two half-granny squares to the middle of the middle section of the wings.

Step 4: Body

Take the extra large square, roll it up, and stitch it so it stays in the rolled shape.

Step 5: Attach Body to Wings

Attach the body to the middle section of the wings, using 1. the yarn tail from the body and 2. the yarn tail from the middle section of the wings.

Step 6: Head

Roll the small granny square, then stitch so it stays in the rolled shape. Attach to the body, then add eyes. I used buttons, but they could be stitched with embroidery floss or regular thread instead.

Step 7: Feet

Using the two extra small granny squares, stitch two sides of on square together as shown, then attach to the body.

Step 8: Finished

The finished granny square creature. I took most of these pictures before I added the eyes, for some reason... But this is what it should look like finished (other than eyes).

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