Introduction: Grappling Hook From Construction Rebar

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Hi Everyone,

In this Instructable I will show you how I made a grappling hook with construction rebar.

I needed the hook so I can clear out some weeds in a fishing ground as they were growing too big and any caught fish was getting tangled in them.

Additionally, having just bought my new DC inverter welder, this was the perfect project to try it on.


Step 1: Cut the Rebar to Length

To start making the hook, I grabbed three pieces of scrap rebar and I've cut them to approximately 50 cm in length.

For that, I've used my angle grinder with a cut off disk while having the pieces mounted in a vise.

Step 2: Bend the Individual Hook Parts

Once I had the pieces cut, I've marked them at 30 cm from one of the sides and I then used a construction metal bender to first bend one of the pieces.

I then repeated the same process for the other two making sure that I bend them to the same angle as the first one.

Depending on the thickness of the rebar, this might be a difficult step, especially if you can't access a metal bender.

In such a case, try to find something stationary and solid like a fence post and a metal pipe so you can bend the rebar that way. The bends won't be that close but the hook will still work.

Step 3: Weld the Hook Pieces

Since we have three pieces on the hook, the ideal angle to which they should stand is 120 degrees.

So to achieve that, I made two angled spacers, 30 degrees each, and I placed them on each side to support one of the hook pieces.

Both of them are then clamped to the weld surface so they can be tack welded.

Once they are held together, I put the third piece on the opposite side while holding the hook upright and I tack welded it as well.

For a tie point on the top, I bend a piece of 6 mm steel rod and I welded that as well to the top of the grappling hook.

Each of the joins between the rebar pieces is then welded together with its neighbor in at least three places so the entire hook should be strong enough.

Keep in mind that I'm just a beginner welder so if you have any tips, please leave them in the comments.

Step 4: Using the Grappling Hook

With the welding ready, I tied a rope to the tie hook on the end of the grappling hook and I took it to the lake where we usually go fishing.

The hook can be easily thrown from shore and depending on how much weeds there is in the water it can take quite a lot at one throw.

I know that this is kind of a specialty project for my needs but I'm sure that having a grappling hook is a dream to many and it might be a fun tool to play with and climb trees.

If you liked this project, then be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me here on Instructables and I will see you all in the next one.

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